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100 Thieves Hires Jen Simons as Content Director


A few weeks ago, 100 Thieves announced that they had hired their first Chief Content Officer as John Simons assume the role. Previously, Simons previously worked for Barstool Sports where she was integral in growing their sports blog into a phenomenal source of content with several popular shows coming out of her time with the company. Not to mention several vlogs and podcasts that have now become staples of their brand. While the details of her deal haven’t been revealed, we do know a bit about what she’ll be focusing on in her new role going forward. According to the company, it will seek to grow the entertainment wing of 100 Thieves by creating new content for social media and publishing. You can read more about the announcement below along with a quote from Simons on the deal.

Photo courtesy of 100 Thieves

Jen will focus on enhancing opportunities for the current roster of entertainment stars at 100 Thieves while expanding existing content properties on YouTube (1.45 million subscribers) to like TBH with JHB, Break it and The Courage & Nadeshot Show – across multiple platforms to help fulfill the brand’s mission to advance gaming culture into the mainstream. Content is a top priority for 100 Thieves and one of the three core business pillars – alongside apparel and esports – which has helped make 100 Thieves a $460 million valued brand. in just four years. His leap from traditional sports to gaming is further proof of how quickly the gaming world is growing, especially for 100 Thieves. While participation in traditional American sports continues to decline (source: Statista and NY Times), participants in video games continue to soar (227 million according to the ESA). Jen joins CEO and Founder Matthew Haag, President and COO John Robinson, CRO Matty Lee and CFO Jason Tong on the 100 Thieves leadership team.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most creative and innovative people in entertainment today,” said Simons. “The energy of the organization and its passionate community is what makes me most excited about joining the 100 Thieves brand. really attracted to this organization.”

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