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# 2021: Blogs that I haven’t posted. This one concerns the resolutions … | 98.5 The cat

Salvation. My parents called me Toby and I thought about some resolutions …

Several years ago I had 85% of my stomach removed. Then I had a “sleeve” made of staples, sewn like a baseball glove, replaced, the part of my stomach that was removed and which governs what I can physically put in my stomach.

Several years later, I don’t put as much physical food in it … but I’ve found that I can take in empty calories in the form of wine, stuff that I mix with vodka, or whatever, and it doesn’t. will not be my friend when it comes to losing weight.

Ah, the trip. Health. The well-being. Weightloss. Life.

The “trip …” is a bitch.

It really is.

We’re addicted to food because it’s basically crack. And, when you’re addicted – and let’s face it – we’re addicted to food – it’s even harder to get rid of.

But, as I look at a New Year, I tell myself that I can use what I was taught in my gastric sleeve journey to get back to what I need to do to be where I was when I was. had the brain injury and started a new career path.

“Normal people don’t take that kind of change all at once, Toby…” a therapist told me.

But I did.

And now, thinking about the resolutions … I “decide” to use the knowledge – and the coaching – that I received and still have – to get back on the path I was on. It won’t be easy. In fact, I can tell you, as I sit here enjoying mashed cauliflower and sugar-free jelly – two staples of the almost 100% liquid diet I once followed – that it’s anything but easy.

I went there for three months before the operation … on a fully liquid diet. I went for three months after surgery … on a full liquid diet. So I could heal.

I did it before, I will do it again.

But here’s the thing.

I want to go back to the path I was on because now I think I have things in my life to live that I have never had before. The real idea of ​​a partner in life who can also be “happily ever after”. I have a daughter in college now who will eclipse anything I’ve done in life, and I want to be there to see her do it. I’m about to buy a house … if I ever find the right one, assuming everything is in order.

When I had “surgery” before … I didn’t have “these things …”

Those things – that make me … me. Which brings me joy.

Now yes. And because of that – because I’m doing things for the right reasons – ME reasons – I feel like I’m going to be even more successful than I was before I banged my head after this gig.

So when it comes to “resolutions …”, I have one.

I decide to live my life for me. For the first time in my life.

Damn, that was refreshing to write.

Why did it take me so long?

Good year!