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A Marvel augmented reality game will be available next year

Are you ready to create your own superhero and save the world?

Niantic recently unveiled a new Marvel Augmented Reality (AR) game that lets players create their superheroes, team up with the Avengers, and rid the world of (digital) crime.

Disney officially revealed the game to the world during the company’s Disney+ Marvel Games showcase of the D3 event, which will be held September 9-11, according to The Gamer.

Marvel World of Heroes details and features

marvel world of heroes east of Niantic Pokemon Go-esque augmented reality game that allows players to fight crime on their phones. Engadget mentioned in their article that players could create their superhero’s identity and origin story, although how the game will implement the creation of a superhero origin story generated by the player is not known at the time of writing this article.

However, Polygon reported that players can choose from a variety of powers their superhero can have when fighting enemies and criminals. In the game’s trailer, players were seen using gadgets, weapons, and powers from various Marvel superheroes, such as Dr. Strange’s sorcery.

Additionally, Niantic’s blog post on the game states that players are free to create their superheroes using the game’s various body types, gender expressions, and outfit customization.

After creating their superhero’s identity and origin story, as well as their appearance, players can expect a gameplay experience similar to Pokemon GO. As such, players will need to use their mobile devices to hunt down and battle enemies with friends in the real world.

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Although the game is recommended to be played with friends, marvel world of heroes will allow players to fight enemies with the help of the most famous characters of the Marvel universe to defend the Earth. These characters include Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America.

marvel world of heroes will give players a set set of goals to achieve to level up their superhero and unlock certain things for them in the game, like gear and abilities.

This game element is what separates it from Pokemon GOwhere the main objective is to collect and upgrade Pokémon and go to an area’s “Pokémon Gym” to battle other players.

Neil Malville, marvel world of heroes’ Lead Game Designer, mentioned that players can expect to “travel” to multiple alternate realities in the Marvel Universe, allowing them to engage with different characters and stories in one place.

Marvel World of Heroes Release Date, Availability

Niantic has yet to reveal when marvel world of heroes will be available on mobile phones. However, he mentioned that it is expected to launch in 2023.

Players who want to try out the game before release can wait for its soft launch, which is likely limited to just a few markets.

To get updates on the game and have a chance to get the game as soon as it is released, you can pre-register on the official website marvel world of heroes website.

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