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Active holidays – a seasonal flavor, after confinement

It is true that the pandemic restrictions had presented new challenges to the travel industry. The last two or three years of a sedentary lifestyle have made the average traveler very restless. There is a lot of pent up stress that needs a lot of relief. Today’s Indian traveler, now that the lockdown is opening, is asking for more. This triggered the growth of the trend called “Active holidays” where the populace watches the adrenaline rush, the lethargic tremors, the shivering sensation as they now plan their outings. Offbeat travel destinations are hitting the list of millennial and Gen Z considerations as they plan their travel itinerary. And since many are opting for a hybrid work culture, they’re even able to pack a vacation destination (with ample Wi-Fi) while at work, the excitement of the thrill is an added boon.

What are active vacations or active holidays

There is a growing popularity in taking vacations that have activities such as biking, nature trails, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, zip lining, bungee jumping, etc. They might not be completely adventurous, but definitely the ones that give a thrill and the excitement and the feeling of having reached certain physical goal milestones. The “tried and tested” does not find many takers, but the “unexplored and exciting” attracts many candidates. There is a lot of consideration in looking inward and exploring the unexplored. In India, while Delhi, Goa and Kashmir may remain the favourites, it is less popular places like Devgad in Konkan, Maharashtra, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya or Khajjar in Himachal Pradesh that are finding takers. These destinations offer a huge opportunity for the tourist to live immersive experiences. For example: Devgad in Konkan, Maharashtra, today offers fun and thrills with ziplining, surfing and water sports, as well as backwater explorations, mango trails and a delicious dining experience that adds value to the idea of ​​vacation. This is also true for family outings as we Indians generally tend to vacation with our families on the whole. Thus, the safe tourism activities that we can do with our children and elderly parents gain consideration.

active relaxation

While holidays with our family and friends are synonymous with relaxation, now we want to take a bike and cycle in the mountains or take a surfboard and jump into the sea. Focusing the mind on technical activity has tendency to completely disconnect. It’s rather relevant at a time when we are amply stressed by the pressures of work and the information overload we consume on a daily basis.

It’s about the experience

More and more travelers want an immersive destination experience. This not only creates a feel-good factor, but also has an impact in creating powerful memories of the destination. In a world of fleeting attentions, we humans want more fulfilling events that are unique to that individual and that they can pass on to their friends and followers. For a woman dressed in a sari, ziplining across a sea coast is an unforgettable experience, a sense of accomplishment, which she can tell her friends about while motivating them and which remains etched in her memory.

Time for me while staying in a band

Today’s traveler doesn’t think of favoring the pack leader or compromising for the family. She wants her time to pursue things while giving the rest of the family members or group members enough time and space to build their own unique experiences. It’s a much more democratic way of doing things. At one time you want to sunbathe and at another time you would like to go windsurfing. Want to challenge yourself, as well as destinations that give the traveler the opportunity to do so – such as a culinary experience, wine tasting, nature trails, outdoor activities, or even Oliver Ridley Turtle Farming and /or immerse yourself in the strange history of the petroglyphs; then becomes high on the list because there is something for everyone

Correction of the exercise

Outdoor activities lead to a significantly greater improvement in mental well-being. You feel more connected with nature, clean air and the vitamin D boost the world lacks. Outdoor activities in the mountains, near the sea or in a forest can improve self-esteem, increase energy levels and help relieve mental blocks. Complete concentration while doing a particular activity can greatly aid your mindfulness and thus a holistic wellness solution.

It is no wonder that more and more options are opening up and more and more of the Indian population is opting for active holidays. After two or three years of confinement, we all need to feel this feeling of freedom to the core!



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