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All Attack on Titan content is coming to Call of Duty

Activision has finally announced its The attack of the Titans crossing with Call of Duty: The Vanguard and Call of Duty: War Zoneand it revolves around none other than Levi Ackerman. Rumors about this crossover have been circulating since November last year, but it’s only now that the community has received a definitive announcement from Activision.

The crossover will add the new Tracer: Attack on Titan—Levi’s Edition Bundle to the store, priced at 2,400 CP or around $20. The 10-item bundle is packed full of gear based on the award-winning manga. However, everyone in the Call of Duty the community is thrilled with the crossover.


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The Levi Ackerman Bundle

Levi Ackermann x Call of Duty

The main content of The attack of the Titans crossover is the Levi Edition Bundle. It contains an operator skin, three weapon blueprints, and six other cosmetic items. The most remarkable element of the lot is undoubtedly the skin. The Survey Corps Operator Skin is a legendary item for Sergeant Daniel Yatsu: it features many details from its source material, including the Survey Corps emblem and even Levi’s tie.

Next is the Titan Piercer, which has the Katana as its base weapon. Another legendary item, its design is based on the swords of The attack of the Titans. the Call of Duty blog even describes it as being made from ultra-hard steel, capable of slicing through both Titans and Squads. As for the other two weapons – Historia and Ymir Curse – they are both named after characters from the series, their base weapons being the Sten and the Volk respectively.

As for the Secret Keeper charm, it is an object that Levi Ackerman holds dear. He plays a central role in revealing the secrets of the world in the source material. The One Hot Potato sticker, while seemingly comical, honors a deceased member of the Survey Corps who loved potatoes. As for the Wings of Freedom emblem, it is a faithful recreation of the badge of the Scout Regiment.

Finally comes the character animations. The Steel Cut finishing move, Ultra-Hard Steel MVP highlight, and Vertical Maneuver highlight intro all feature the Titan Piercer weapon. However, note that the introduction of the highlighting of the vertical maneuver is a Call of Duty: The Vanguard exclusive.

Receipt of the lot

call of duty attack on titan crossover

Although a cross between Call of Duty and The attack of the Titans seems like a boon for gamers and anime fans, the community hasn’t been impressed with Activision’s new bundle at all. The biggest problem is undoubtedly Levi Ackerman’s skin. Many in the community said the skin didn’t translate well to Daniel Yatsu, with some calling it “bad cosplay”, “a dollar store rendition”, and even “cursed”.

Gamers are wondering why Activision didn’t just introduce Levi as a new operator. This might have been the better option, as it would have allowed the developers to design a better-looking model, certainly more suited to the Survey Corps uniform. Activision has done this before with Ghostface, so it’s unclear why the developers pushed for Levi cosplay instead.

Others also pointed out that the new guns look shod. Historia and Ymir Curse are based on two characters from the series. However, that seems like an odd choice, considering they aren’t generally considered the most popular. Additionally, none of these characters were established snipers. Sasha Braus or even Mikasa Ackerman might have been better options.

Even with the backlash, some Call of Duty players are still looking to get their hands on the bundle. Some want to get it purely because of the cursed skin, while others are interested because they are huge Attack on Titan fans. Either way, Activision’s interesting new crossover has certainly got people talking – for better or for worse.

Call of Duty: The Vanguard and Call of Duty: War Zone are now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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