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Apple reportedly in talks with South Korean maker of substrates for Apple Car chips

Apple is reportedly in talks with a Korean substrate manufacturer to supply FC-BGA substrates based on ABF (Ajinomoto Build-up Film) for processing Apple Car chip solutions, DigiTimes reports citing “industry sources”.

Jay Liu and Willis Ke for DigiTimes:

It seems plausible that Apple is looking for ABF substrates from a Korean substrate maker that could provide full support for Apple Car production, the sources said.

Since Taiwan’s major ABF substrate vendors (Unimicron Technology, Nan Ya PCB, and Kinsus Interconnect Technology) and their peers in Japan and Austria have their capacity almost fully booked by major vendors of CPUs, GPUs, network chips, FPGAs and other HPC chips for the next few years, they will hardly be able to have additional ABF capacity for Apple Car’s demand, the sources continued.

Currently, Taiwan’s Unmicron lands the majority of orders for ABF substrates needed to process Apple’s M1 series of chips.

Taken from MacDailyNews: The ABF substrate is named after Ajinomoto Co., a Japanese company that produces the film-like insulation of the substrate. The material is the preferred packaging technology for processors because it facilitates high-performance computing by high-end chips.

Back in September Fortune reported that “many of the world’s most advanced semiconductors cannot function without the substrates” and that “supplies will likely remain tight until at least 2025 due to limited capacity”.

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