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Auditions for season 20 after the Oscar (video)

The landmark american idol Season 20 airs a one-hour special after the Oscars with even MORE auditions before Hollywood Week kicks off on Monday (March 28). Audition of hopes in Austin, Los Angeles and Nashville, in front of judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest hosts. Who else will get that golden ticket to Hollywood?

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There were some very promising artists whose auditions were pushed into a show that aired two hours after prime time. Weren’t their stories sad enough or what?

Mayor of Yoli -26 – Miami

Beautiful broken things (Original) – Yoli was a contestant on America’s Got Talent in 2017. Idol leaked her audition yesterday. Simon stopped her audition and had her start over because he thought she was coming off as “too old”. She gave up evening dresses and jewelry. She sings with passion and a soulful growl. Luke and Lionel find her style compelling, but Katy wants more dynamics. She says no. Nevertheless, Yoli is in Hollywood. – 2 yes – 1 no

Danielle Clavell – 21 years old – Queens NY

Demi Lovato/Trainwreck Warrior – After learning that Danielle dances salsa at a salsa studio near her home. Lionel shows off his salsa moves. So okay. We only hear a short extract of his song, but Lionel thinks it’s too growling. “Less acting,” Katy advises, adding, “open your eyes a little more…use your hands.” Katy coaches her through her second song “Trainwreck”. And the judges are satisfied – 3 yes

Katyrah Love – 23 years old – Baltimore MD

River by Bishop Briggs – She works as a case manager for homeless youth. Her mother comes to Katyrah’s audition for help. She sings while accompanying herself on one of these drums on which the artists can sit down to play. Luke doesn’t think she needs the box. But he likes his voice. “You have a vibe,” Katy says. Lionel is delighted to watch her roll – 3 yes

Now, a recap of the three Platinum Ticket winners, HunterGirl (Nashville) got her ticket while performing at Luke’s Nashville bar, Kenedi Anderson (Los Angeles) sings a sample of the original which she performed as the second song, plus Jay Copeland (Austin). The special ticket allows the trio to skip the “Genre Challenge” and go straight to the “Duets Challenge”. Plus, they can “hand-pick” their own duet partners.

Brooks Kidd – 19 – London KY

Crazy world – Overweight as a child, he was bullied at school. He lost 60 pounds in two months. This made the situation worse and he developed suicidal thoughts. Eventually he found the music. “Music is the reason I’m alive,” he says. Accompanying himself on the piano, Brooks’ voice lacks depth and range, until the end, where he lets loose. But he has pitch issues. At this point, Brooks is underdeveloped, but very sincere. Luke called the performance “an experience”. Katy advises him to cut back on “theater/Broadway stuff”. – 3 yes

Sage – 20 – Burbank CA

Lionel says she brings “a vibe”. Katy compares her to Joss Stone and Diana Krall, which Sage appreciates. Luke advises him not to get sucked into “a country that’s too jazzy for too long”. WHAT? It’s stupid. She has a very sweet comeback style. I wanted to know more. – 3 yes.

Mauritius -22 – CS

Whiskey glasses by Morgan Wallen – Mauritius has rebounded in the reception system. 10 houses! His latest adoptive father, however, is a band manager who taught Maurice everything he knows. “I never knew what a father was until he came into my life.” He’s a street performer who sings a lot of country. Credible in the genre, Maurice needs to file a few rough edges, but he is solid. Luke advises her to calm down to 10%. “You have flavah,” notes Lionel. – 3 yes

Israel McFarland – 21 – Nashville

The cost (original) – Israel was raised in a strict religious household, and it seems like he is trying to escape. Katy can understand. To make his point, he drops a few F-bombs. Israel studied music production at Liberty University, the evangelical college started by Jerry Falwell. Currently, Israel is working as a producer. Luke was unimpressed, bluntly calling his writing subtitles. On the other hand, Lionel loved his “art”. He adds “You are on the right track.” Katy thinks he needs to work on his voice. Lionel says yes, but Katy and Luke say n0. Eh. The judges have suffered worse. He’s a music guy who deserved a chance. They advise him to work more and come back next year. – 1 yes, 2 no

Ava Maybee – 20 years old – Los Angeles

Lately by Stevie Wonder – Ava’s father is Chad Smiththe drummer of Hot red peppers, which is NOT mentioned in the clip. And that explains why his voice is so refined. “You are a real alto,” Katy describes her beautiful polished sound. Luke compares her to Cher and calls her an artist. He wants to see more. His tone and phrasing are magnificent.

Scarlet Ayliz – 18 Hartford CT

Leading (original song) – Scarlet explained that she gave up american idol last year after getting a golden ticket, because his grades in high school were bad. She improved them dramatically in the year she took off, and now she’s graduated. Her tone is beautiful, her style natural and effortless. And the songwriting is promising. The judges agree that his voice is super commercial. Exactly. She’s very nice on the radio. Grandmother, who is a big Lionel fan, enters the room to meet him. – 3 yes