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August Matchmaking Updates | Halo

In our August Drop Pod preview blog, we outlined some upcoming changes to Halo Infinite matchmaking coming this month. As these updates approach, we wanted to describe them again and provide a bit more detail. Over the next week, the focus will be on improving matchmaking in leaderboards and updating our playlist offerings.

To start, let’s take a closer look at everything that’s happening in matchmaking over the next few days.

Ranked Doubles

Ranked Experience

In preparation for Ranked Doubles, we will be updating the way we determine skills (MMR), which will help us make better matches and improve the accuracy of CSR rankings. This will require additional maintenance which involves resetting the CSR ratings. We plan to deploy these changes early on August 23, with a maintenance window of a few hours. During this time, Ranked Arena will not be available, although all other playlists and online services should be available.

In the days leading up to the maintenance window, we will also have two other small changes to deploy. The first change, which started today, is a small ranking experiment with CSR that will continue until the end of this current ranking period. The impact should be minimal, but it will help us gather information for possible future ranked improvements. The second change is that the Fireteam CSR limit, which has been active in both Solo/Duo playlists, will begin to take effect in Open Crossplay from Monday, August 22. To learn more about the Fireteam CSR limit, please visit this page on the Halo Support Site.

Doubles per team

Playlist Deals

Next Tuesday will also bring the addition of two new playlists: Ranked Doubles and Tag Team Doubles. In order to make room for these two new additions, the Last Spartan Standing playlist will be removed from the lineup. As with all playlists, we will continue to monitor their individual health in addition to the health of the overall matchmaking experience. If all of these playlists perform well, we will continue to experiment with adding or rotating other playlists in the future.

As this was a lot of information at once, here is a brief summary of the matchmaking update timeline:

  • Friday, August 19 – Ranked experience begins (should have minimal player impact)
  • Monday, August 22 at 11 a.m. – Fireteam CSR limit applies to Open Crossplay
  • Tuesday, August 23 at 10am PT – CSR Ranking Reset takes place and Ranked Maintenance begins, taking Ranked Arena offline for approximately 3 hours
  • Tuesday, August 23 at 10 a.m. PT – Team Doubles (social) goes live
  • Tuesday, August 23 at 11 a.m. PT – Spartan Last Stand falls
  • Tuesday, August 23 at 1 p.m. PT – Ranked Arena, Ranked Doubles, and Team Doubles go live

If you have any feedback on these changes when they go live, be sure to share your thoughts right here on our forums.

We’ll see you all online for some doubles action soon!