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Bae U: Skit maker IsBae U reacts to sex for skit charged with receipt

Where is this photo from? Instagram/isbae_u

“I’m not going to blame anyone for what happened but I’m going to blame myself,” as comedian and skit creator Bae U responds to allegations that we say he asks women for sex for skit roles.

For the inside video I post on the social media page, real name Bae-u na Adebayo Ridwan says I am heartbroken and the allegations are weak after the allegations come out saying they ask the girls to make love before they leave for the comedy sketch inside.

Bae U became a trending topic for the Nigerian social media space on Sunday evening, January 30, 2022, after a local blogger shared several screenshots of im social media conversations with ladies.

The screenshots show me asking ladies to show interest in being featured in comedy skits to spend the night somewhere for sex.

The blogger is posting ladies stories with screenshots of direct messages that say I get them.

“I don’t get every stone they throw at me, I’m human and I’m not going to blame anyone,” the skit maker replies

“A girl who lived for my street on the mainland a very long time ago, she came and we had sex,” we admit. but i don’t know if the relationship has anything to do with a role for the sketch im.

“I pray and hope I can start doing funnier sketches again so that Usopp will feel like I’m funny. I’m going to make everyone happy.

“I just want to do sketches, make videos, create content,” Bae U adds.

I also share a screenshot of Wetin im described as blackmailing one of the girls asking me for money and promising to post im videos.

Meanwhile, fans aren’t using social media to react

Where is this photo from? instagram

Where is this photo from? instagram

Where is this photo from? instagram

Where is this photo from? instagram

What to know about Bae U

Adebayo Ridwan, known as Bae U, is popular mainly on Instagram for comedic sketches.

Bae U say I start doing comedy skit for depression. E tok dis one for inside interview wit’‘The Creative’

For di interview wey dem tag true life story, Bae U says I am confused and need help.

“I need something to bother me and I tell God to show me a way because I don’t know what I’m doing. »

And I say I thank God that I’ll find something later that will give me life, that I’ll be a sketch.

I say na im taking care of imsef one hand.

Comedy Bae U has over 600,000 followers on Instagram alone.

This skit maker also acts and directs films.