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Battlefield 2042 DLC Roadmap: List of All DLC Expansions

Battlefield 2042 is off to a tumultuous launch, although many players remain optimistic about the future. Fortunately, EA and DICE have extensive post-launch plans in place already. The Battlefield 2042 DLC Roadmap includes new maps, playable specialists, modes and more. Here’s the latest update schedule and DLC expansion plans for the new BF game on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

List of all Battlefield 2042 DLC updates

Here are the Battlefield 2042 DLC plans for 2021 and 2022:

  • Weekly missions:
    • New weekly tasks with their own completion rewards.
  • Limited time modes:
    • Different types of matches will enter and exit the rotation.
  • Battlefield 2042 Season 1:
    • Battle pass.
    • New specialist.
    • Content of the BF portal.
    • New multiplayer map (s).
  • Battlefield 2042 Season 2:
    • Battle pass.
    • Imaginable specialist, map and BF portal content.
  • Battlefield 2042 Season 3:
    • Battle pass.
    • Potential specialist, map and content of the BF portal.
  • Battlefield 2042 Season 4:
    • Battle pass.
    • Possible specialist content, map and BF portal.

The Battlefield 2042 development team has yet to dive into the details of what each season will include, beyond a basic look at the first. These details burst into a EA Blog Post, which also says fans can “expect more details early next year.” Be sure to stay tuned to GameRevolution for more details on the contents of the BF 2042 add-on.

This latest installment’s status as a service game means gamers can expect more frequent updates, fixes, and fixes. While this looks positive, many in the community are not happy with the change. Battlefield 2042 omits a single-player campaign mode in favor of its multiplayer sequel, although many argue that’s not a valid compromise when the online game isn’t the best in the series.

Hopefully, the brand new BF 2042 cards feature more impressive destruction. The destructibility and “Levolution” events available at launch are somewhat rare compared to some previous entries.

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