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BD acquires the manufacturer of surgical sealants Tissemed

BD (NYSE: BDX) today announced the acquisition of self-adhesive surgical sealant film developer, Tissemed, for an undisclosed amount.

BD’s acquisition of the Leeds, UK-based company of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, aims to expand global offerings for surgeons outside of the US with Tissueemed’s flagship product, Tissuepatch.

Tissueemed designed Tissuepatch as a proprietary sealing technology that binds tissue together to help control internal bleeding or prevent leakage from surgical incisions, according to a press release. The company said it made Tissuepatch’s thin, flexible and transparent composition ready to use out of the package, making it ideal for a range of surgical sealant applications.

BD said surgeons already trusted Tissuepatch for its design allowing strong adhesive and minimal swelling, giving the company the opportunity to leverage its reach and clinical expertise to continue to make advancements in technology. sealing.

The company has indicated that it expects the transaction to be unimportant to its fiscal 2022 results.

“This advanced sealant serves as a strategic complement to BD products used in the operating room today, providing us with the ability to equip surgeons with a portfolio of more robust and highly integrated surgical solutions,” said the president of BD Surgery. Kevin Kelly noted in the exit. “The integration of Tissuepatch ™ into our business aligns with our commitment to continuously innovate in our core portfolio to help support minimally invasive surgeries. “