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Best Squarespace Templates for Your Video – Take Your Bet!

If you want to take your cinema to the next level, Squarespace can help.

A popular choice for creatives as you can use Squarespace with the price starting at $14 per month.

Additionally, Squarespace maintains an extensive library of sleek, mobile-optimized templates that you can easily customize using drag-and-drop page elements, according to Mashable.

With Squarespace, you no longer need coding experience to create a visually appealing site. Here are some of the best models to choose from, so choose your bet!

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Lange – If you are building a wallet

Mashable said Lange has a great homepage full of full-bleed banner images for different projects. You can easily switch between GIFs or videos. Credits can be hidden and you can enter your process details.

With Lange, you can find the links to a simple one-column blog, contact page, and live “about” page in the top navigation menu. This is an ideal template if you are trying to create a video portfolio.

Laurie – If you do freelance work

Laurie is bright and inviting as a retro-inspired portfolio/professional services model. It has two strengths: connecting you with potential clients and showcasing your work. The full homepage slips in tons of visuals among sections for your bio, a list of services, testimonials, and a collection of recent blog posts, according to Mashable.

Laurie features alternating colors as well as cool crossfade animation effects. This keeps the layout from feeling like information overload.

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Passero – If you host virtual classrooms

If you frequently host virtual classes, a Squarespace template like Passero is for you. You can easily publish and monetize your tutorials and workshops with its pre-enabled Memer Areas feature. It is one of the few models that actually offers a video on its demo site. Its relatively short homepage features full-bleed visuals, multiple calls-to-action, and a participant testimonial, according to Mashable. Additionally, you will appreciate the neutral color scheme that Squarespace has created in this template.

Wells – If you are after presenting your artwork and portfolio

The Wells template has a unique gallery that connects your website visitors to your visual work, based on rigorous themes. The best thing about this web template is that you can use it to create an informative website that would showcase your artworks and portfolio.

Moreover, you can sell your content online with its e-commerce capabilities. You can download videos via an embeddable URL. And even though Squarespace automatically generates video URLs, you can still create custom video URLs. The Wells template also allows you to connect your social media accounts. With this, you can share content directly to social media.

Avenue – If you are looking for a clean and minimalist layout

If you are looking for a clean and minimalist layout, Avenue is for you. It offers a clean and responsive grid layout, which allows users to create classic websites that showcase their unique portfolio, according to rigorous themes.

This Squarespace template is perfect for design, photography, and video portfolios. You can seamlessly organize galleries or projects with this template. You can use customizable headers and footers. It will allow you to add content to each page. Avenue gallery pages can display videos and images as a slideshow.

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