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Blizzard Gives Moira a Revamp in New Overwatch 2 Blog Post

Moira gets an overhaul in a new Overwatch 2 blog post.

On June 7, Blizzard released an in-depth look at Moira’s revamp in the highly anticipated Overwatch 2. The blog post also gives players a look at the time and effort Blizzard puts into making sure every hero has a set. of unique and practical skills. . One of the most noticeable changes between Overwatch and its sequel is that classic characters are getting revamps and reworked to create a familiar yet fresh feel.

Moira came late to Overwatch’s roster, but her versatility and unique abilities helped make her a top support character. In their latest blog post, Blizzard revealed that they will be reworking and removing some of the abilities seen in the first Overwatch 2 gameplay.

What is changing?

Blizzard has revealed that they will be removing three major abilities they had planned for Moira. The first iteration of her abilities, named Pain Converter, was meant to convert damage to health for Moira and negate damage for any teammate she uses the ability on. They decided to remove this due to its resemblance to Baptiste’s Immortality Field and how it felt unnatural to the character.

The second and third kit iterations that ended up being discontinued were Moira’s Purge and Nullify. a purge was originally planned to work as an additional ability to his biotic orb and could remove enemy player buffs. The problem they found with Purge was that it was difficult to find what buffs could be removed and what impact that ability actually had on gameplay. Nullify was supposed to be a redesign of Purge, but Blizzard ran into the same issues. This led to the current iteration, Weaken. Weaken takes the idea of ​​bleed and nullify, but is used as a charged projectile that reduces attack power and healing output.

With the amount of work Blizzard is putting into Overwatch 2, it’s clear that this game won’t be a reskin of its predecessor, but a very promising sequel that enhances what is already a fantastic game.