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Bloodhunt’s August survey reveals development dilemma between creating more content or sorting out in-game issues

Sharkmob AB has detailed the results of another monthly community survey for Bloodhunt. This time it focuses on August and is peppered with discussions of the development dilemma of battle royale as a newcomer to the genre. Developers admit to underestimating “how long it takes to implement and develop the game”, which has hurt the consistency of new content/features, and fixed in-game issues like matchmaking .

There is a lot to sift through in their last blogbut two things are clear after reading it: Bloodhunt is still struggling with player numbers and has high expectations on its shoulders to produce new content.

The game has a small active player base, which created challenges for the in-game matchmaker to work optimally. Sharkmob had staked its money on the Summer Update’s Team Deathmatch mode to entice newcomers to the title, but better player retention wasn’t consistent enough. And for current players who are hanging on, they haven’t been given much content as Sharkmob is looking to improve other areas, hence the “development dilemma”.

Blood Hunt Problems

Generally, the title gets a lot of praise for its “unique take on the BR genre”, but overall player opinion has dwindled since the summer update. Many recurring fan reviews note the “lack of meaningful content… the number of cheats and changes to [Bloodhunt] game modes”, in addition to spending too much time in matchmaking and uneven player matches.

For the next September update next week, Sharkmob will be implementing fixes and changes based on hundreds of community requests to counter negative feedback. Players will see improvements to the matchmaking rating system that matches characters of similar skill levels, a short Noir Pass with cosmetic outfits, and more initiatives to ban cheaters. But when it comes to additional maps, clans, factions, and archetypes, there’s still “a significant amount of dedicated development time and testing” needed before they make it to the game.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Bloodhunt, what do you think the devs should focus on? Let us know below!

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