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Brand new Cabinet Armor product, now available from Builders Site Protection

Bend, OR, September 08, 2022 — ( — Builders Site Protection today announced the addition of Cabinet Armor to its extensive line of surface protection products. Cabinet Armor is a breathable, polypropylene-based wrap for cabinets that features an adhesive strip for secure attachment to wood cabinets. It is designed to be quickly and easily adjusted to any size and shape of cabinetry, and to stay securely in place once there.

Cabinet Armor is available in rolls 32 inches high by 60 linear feet long, totaling 160 square feet per roll. This height was specifically designed for cabinets, since standard cabinet faces are approximately 30 inches tall. Cabinet Armor’s polypropylene composition makes it both soft to the touch and rigid. It is an ideal material for protecting hardwood as it is fantastic for preventing scratches and scuffs.

Each roll is perforated every 12 inches, allowing for quick installation and protection of cabinets. Due to uniform perforations, Cabinet Armor can be adjusted to any size without the use of sharp tools, which can damage fresh finishes. An adhesive strip is built into the material, so no additional tape or adhesive is needed. At the end of the project, Cabinet Armor is 100% recyclable to limit waste.

The latest in a long line of breathable products offered by Builders Site Protection, Cabinet Armor lets gases and vapors pass through its protective barrier. This breathability feature ensures that freshly stained or finished cabinets can cure while being coated with Cabinet Armor – an especially important feature for hardwood finishes. This same trait can be seen in specialty floor coatings such as Surface Liner Vapor and Tuf-Guard floor protection products.

In addition to Cabinet Armor, Builders Site Protection offers many unique and effective products for surface protection and dust control. For more information on Builders Site Protection surface protection and dust control products, please call Steven Mullen-Ley at (866) 788-6886, email Steven at [email protected] or visit the website at

Builders Site Protection is a feminine supplier of surface protection and dust control. President and CEO, Patricia Mullen, founded the company to manufacture environmentally friendly alternatives to the scarce selection of surface protection products available to the building trades. Builders Site Protection is a Certified Disadvantaged Company (WBE/DBE) committed to providing top quality surface protection products and unparalleled customer service. For more information visit their website at