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Breaking the Algorithm: 25 of Our Favorite Black Content Creators

Young black woman filming herself dancing at home to share on social media

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Digital creators are the heart of the Internet. For Women’s History Month, we want to thank a few of our favorite black content creators on social media.

Black women are killing it in every industry, including beauty, tech, lifestyle, health and wellness. In a world where everyone is glued to their phones, it’s refreshing to have representation from our communities focused on a variety of interesting topics. Black women are the digital innovators, creating the trending sounds and vibes that become viral sensations.

A content creator, @khaenotbae, quickly became a viral sensation on TikTok. Her popular phrase like “girls who get it, get it” is now a popular phrase that other creators are adapting into their own content.

While these black content creators popularize phrases and sounds, they are generally overlooked for their genius innovation. Throughout the early stages of the pandemic and amid simmering racial tensions around the world, black content creators banned themselves together to address issues of discrimination and shadow banning on social media. These creators were recruited by talk shows and daytime news outlets, who wanted to “do their part”, to celebrate the brilliance and individuality of black creators in the space.

We want to make sure that black women content creators are remembered for their originality and efforts to forge an online community. It’s not an easy task, but the girls continually work through the challenges effortlessly. Take a look at the list of our favorite black content creators below. Happy Women’s History Month Ladies!

1. Freddie Ransome

Source: Freddie

Freddie is a digital beauty and lifestyle creator.

2. Terri Watson

Source: Terri Watson

Terri is a makeup artist who creates lifestyle and beauty content.

3. Claire Ateku

Source: Claire Ateku

Claire is a digital creative focused on entertainment and lifestyle.

4. Erin R. Hawkins

Source: Erin R. Hawkins

Erin is a mental coach. Its content helps people empower people struggling with stress, anxiety, and doubt by helping them build confidence, honor their passions, and achieve their goals.

5. Jame Jackson

Source: Jame Jackson

Jamé, also known as The Blonde Misfit, is a fashion and beauty influencer and designer.

6. Drea Rawal

Source: Drea Rawal

Drea is a health consultant and entrepreneur, whose content focuses on health, wellness, and building confidence.

7. Serena Morris

Source: she is underrated

Serena’s retail brand and blog focuses on nostalgic fashion and lifestyle content.

8. Abeni Phillips

Source: Sunday Lovaa

Abeni’s Sunday Forever platform is a curated newsletter dedicated to empowering readers to live a life of wonderful Sundays filled with illustrations, recipes, and creative stories from black and brown women.

9. Aja Walton

Source: Aja Walton

Aja is a nail artist specializing in nail art content in entertainment and high fashion.

10. Kiana Cole

Source:Kiana Cole

Kiana is a conscious creator, posting content that engages and uplifts her audience.


Source: X

X is a tattoo artist, who mainly focuses her content on tattooing and lifestyle.

12. Rosalyn Davis

Source: Rosalyn Davis

Rosalyn is a conscious creator, sharing content around her wellness and motherhood journeys.

13. Cleotrap

Source: Cleotrapa

Cleotrapa is an artist who posts entertaining content about lifestyle and other relevant topics of interest.

14. Simi

Source: Simi

Simi is a digital designer focused on lifestyle, wellness and style.

15. Annisa LiMara

Source: Annis LiMara

Annisa is a creative interior stylist and beauty and lifestyle influencer. She shares content in all three worlds.

16. Skylar Marshai

Source: Skylar Marshai

Skylar is a creative storyteller who shares content around travel, beauty and lifestyle.

17. Alexis Nikole

Source: Alexis Nikole

Alexis is a digital creator sharing content around healthy cooking and lifestyle.

18. Khae

Source: Khae

Khae is a creator who posts on lifestyle and trending topics.

19. Etinosa O.

Source: Etinosa O.

Etinosa is a digital creator sharing lifestyle content.

20. Lynae Vanee

Source: Lynae Vanee

Lynae is a creator who shares content around black history and lifestyle.

21. Tanaka

Source: Tanaka

Tanaka’s content is all about travel and style.

22. Tashara

Source: Tashara

Tashara shares content on fashion, lifestyle, travel, and social work.

23. Phi

Source: Phi

Phi is a digital creator focused on beauty and lifestyle content.

24. Kela Walker

Source: Kela Walker

Kela is a media host and style influencer who creates fashion, beauty, entertainment and travel content.

25. Brittany Bradley

Source:Brittany Bradley

Brittany is a content creator who posts beauty, lifestyle and creative content on social media.