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Bungie Presents 30th Anniversary Content Coming To Destiny 2 Today

And Xûr also has a horse

Bungie is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and it does so with a big addition to the world of Destiny 2. The company today unveiled its 30th anniversary content, which ranges from a dungeon and new experience to a classic Halo guns, coming soon destiny.

On the gameplay side, Destiny 2 will get the Grasp of Greed dungeon inspired by the infamous Loot Caves. There will be new riches to discover, as long as you have the 30th Anniversary Pack. Several other sets and weapons are also locked behind this 30th Anniversary Pack, including the returning Gjallarhorn, Thorn armor, Matador 64 shotgun, and more. It all happens today, December 7th.

If you are a Destiny 2 player who prefers not to deposit money on the event, there are still rewards you can collect. The Dares of Eternity is a six-player, match-based offense, moderated by Xûr and a whimsical horse filled with stars. Spin the wheel, impress the horse and earn your way to Xûr’s treasure.

The rewards for this are quite interesting. They include new weapons and catalysts inspired by the Halo series, including the infamous pistol. You can check out the Bungie blog for everything that’s included in the 30th Anniversary Pack, as well as what’s available for free. You can buy the Pack alone for $ 24.99, or as a pack with the next one Witch queen extension and some other goodies for $ 99.99.

The Witch queen the expansion is slated for February 22, 2022, right in the middle of the big February launch window. It looks like we’re going to have to face the consequences of our actions, as well as Savathun and apparently Hive Guardians as well.