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Call of Duty players are disappointed with the content coming in Modern Warfare 2 Season 01

Many gamers aren’t exactly happy with the apparent lack of multiplayer content added to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in season 01.

Activision and Infinity Ward showed off all the upcoming content and updates MW2 next week in a blog post November 9. Everything from new Operators to Battle Pass content was detailed in the blog post, but the majority of the information was directed to war zone 2 rather than MW2is multiplayer.

After the release of the blog, players on the official website MW2 Reddit expressed frustration with the content of the first season. It seems fans are more interested in adding in core gameplay than cosmetic content like operators, weapon skins, and calling cards.

The first Reddit post to gain traction was about Infinity Ward’s perceived laziness to add two cards previous titles. Shoot House and Shipment will make a return to modern warfare with slight cosmetic changes. While the maps were considered highlights in 2019, players thought they were obvious additions that should have been replaced with more exciting maps like Terminal, Wasteland, or Highrise.

Another Reddit post highlighted more dull, basic features added with the season. This includes the CDL Moshpit, which will release before the game’s competitive mode, and a new co-op mission that adds nothing to the base game’s multiplayer.

Both posts saw hundreds of fans flock to the comments to express what they thought should be added instead. One of the main comments in the second post even raised a question regarding Gunfight, which was a popular two-on-two mode seen over the past two years. Call of Duty titles but not in MW2.

MW2 season 01 is set to begin on November 16.