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Candidates denounce school board hope over LGBTQ remarks – Palo Alto Daily Post

Ingrid Campo

October 19, 2022

By Braden Cartwright
Daily Post Editor

Palo Alto school board and city council candidates held a rally outside City Hall on October 16 after school board candidate Ingrid Campos called being LGBTQ a “deviant way of life” and said students should not be told about it at school.

Campos said in two blog posts and at a candidate forum that schools are experimenting on prepubescent, confused children by promoting puberty blockers and double mastectomies.

“15-year-olds are being pushed to transition,” she said. “These are sexual policies, and it destroys the innocence of children.” Beginning in kindergarten, schools give children books dealing with LGBTQ themes, Campos said.

His comments were denounced by his three competitors at a forum hosted by the Palo Alto Council of PTAs on Oct. 6.

“It’s not political to tell a student that we appreciate you for exactly who you are,” contestant Nicole Chiu-Wang said. Incumbent Shounak Dharap called Campos’ comments “shameful”.

“Wow,” he said. “Hearing some of these things – it’s contrary to everything we’ve done as a district to make sure students feel they can be supported and be who they are in our schools.”

Palo Alto schools don’t experiment on children, he said. Schools do, however, provide an environment for students to get their questions answered if they have them — because they have questions, Dharap said.

Dharap, Chiu-Wang and candidate Shana Segal held a rally on Sunday with six of the seven council candidates.

“Hate Has No Place Here” was the theme, and about 80 people showed up.

Campos said in an interview yesterday that she was out of town and only heard about the rally secondhand.

She said people are free to gather, but her views have been distorted.

She said she never badmouthed anyone other than Scholastic Books for selling books on LGBTQ themes to young children.

“What parent wants to expose their child to the deviant lifestyle that epitomizes LGBTQ?” she said in a blog post. “LGBTQ is a sexual preference lifestyle, not an individual’s character.” Campos said people at the anti-hate rally were actually spreading hate by holding a Black Lives Matter sign. Black Lives Matter is a “domestic terror group” that “has only spewed violence into society”, she said.