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Capital Caff: China Post opens a cafe in Beijing, grid coffee appears in Taikooli and other coffee stuff

Don’t talk to me until I read Capital Caff – your guide to the latest coffee happenings in Beijing.

China Post Coffee Shop opens its first branch in Beijing

China Post, the country’s official postal service, has opened its first cafe in the capital. After entering the cafe game last year when they opened two locations in the south – both in Xiamen – their latest location opened in Wangjing.

Called Post Coffee, you’ll find a shop here done up in the Postal Service’s signature forest green, with a menu of Americanos, lattes, and a few specialty coffees — with names like Lucky Peanut, Spritzy Americano, and Minty Mung Bean. This last beverage seems to be the most popular.

Post Coffee 邮局咖啡
A1-7, 9 Wangjing Jie, Chaoyang District

Grid Coffee serves “only black coffee” in Sanlitun

Another store on our radar is Grid Coffee, which has opened a sleek black stand dubbed “The Black Spot” just outside Sanlitun Taikooli. Although they claim to serve “black coffee only”, they have a few other options on their menu, such as lattes. Whether black coffee or not, it’s still a handy stop for a cup to go if you’re in the Taikooli area.

Grid Coffee – The Black Spot
1/F, opposite S6-16, Sanlitun Taikooli South, Chaoyang District

Seesaw Launches Limited Edition Yunnan Cold Brew

Seesaw is back with more limited offerings, this time offering 1 liter bags of cold brew coffee made from single-origin Yunnan beans. Starting at RMB 58, each pack comes with two cups of ice cream and a few more cups to share. A dirty latte with Yunnan SOE beans (32 RMB) is also offered.

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Images: Irene Li, Dianping