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Celtic Site confirms our suspicions: Ibrox is once again lying to its own fans.

Craig from CelticsAreHere has a great exclusive this morning on the topic this site wrote about last night; Ibrox’s claim to win the same as Celtic is about the Australian tour.

Craig says he spoke to someone in a position to know and was told the claim was nonsense and Celtic would win more.

Having a fair idea of ​​who he might have been talking to, I can say that his information is almost certainly accurate…if you’ll pardon the pun.

As many journalists have pointed out, in completely different contexts – ticketing and otherwise – and as this site has said many times, relations between the two clubs are at an all-time low.

They don’t work together on anything.

There are no joint negotiations, even on something like that…it was never our concern.

It’s when you understand this and apply some common sense to the situation that you recognize the absolute lie being forced upon their fans about this. These are the Celtic initially brought by the organizers.

They wanted us and they wanted Ange. There is no doubt that we are the star attraction.

Remember that for the organizers it is more than one game.

They want Ange to be at the center of the whole event. Also, the match itself is likely to be played with two skeleton teams if it goes ahead at all…and that’s still up in the air in my opinion.

So, of course, we receive the highest fees.

I carefully read what the “spokesman” for Ibrox said the other day, and maybe the press was fed a lie wrapped in truth to make it a little more palatable, and if that’s what happened, I can tell you exactly what that “truth” would have been.

It’s entirely possible – I don’t think it’s the case, but it’s possible – that both clubs will receive the same money for this particular game… but Celtic will be paid far more than them for participating to tour in the first place.

This gives Ibrox a bit of leeway.

But I have my doubts, mainly because the organizers could have fielded any opponent for Ange’s return and it would have been a huge deal.

I still think we got more both for our participation and for this individual game, and CeltsAreHere spoke to someone who says we did, and I believe that and his source 100%.

Even a common sense reading of this situation would lead you to this conclusion, and really the only thing about it that raises issues is whether or not the Ibrox board would lie to their own fans and to the media.

And let’s face it, we know for sure that they do it all the time.

Congratulations to Craig for this excellent article.

You can read it here.