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Center says there is no dust on the Central Vista construction site!

Talking about the weather was once considered a British trait. No more. In the nation’s capital, not only the weather, but the Air Quality Index (AQI) and particulates are now part of most conversations. Particulate matter in the atmosphere comes from a wide variety of sources, including construction activities. It is for this reason that a ban was imposed and re-imposed on all construction activity in Delhi and the National Capital Region by the Supreme Court. But the Center informed the Supreme Court that the work on the new parliament and the Central Vista “does not cause pollution” because measures have been taken to stop the dust on these projects.

The Dilliwalahs, who complained that construction was adding to pollution in a stifling city, need to be reassured. But, hey, if they can stop the dust emissions from Central Vista, as the court claims, then why can’t this practice become standard operating procedure for all construction activities? Or is this a secret science nugget, akin to the claim that cloud cover has helped our planes evade enemy radar? Science, anyone?

No cricket test

Feroz Shah Kotla’s cricket ground is now called Arun Jaitley Stadium. It was here that cricket lover Dilliwalahs saw Sunny Gavaskar equal Don Bradman’s record in 29 centuries of testing and saw Anil Kumble take 10 wickets. But this is all history, as the city’s pollution during the cricket season ensures that BCCI avoids Delhi as a venue, as no foreign team is willing to play tryout cricket here.