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Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng launches Tesla Model Y competitor in early 2023

Electric car maker Xpeng is gearing up to launch two electric vehicles in 2023, initially known as Class B and Class C electric vehicles. The former, in the company’s words, will position itself as a “serious competitor of Tesla’s mid-size SUV, the Model Y.

Xpeng currently competes with Tesla and another Chinese electric vehicle maker, BYD, in its home market. Company chairman Brian Gu told reporters that the C-class will reach China by the second half of 2023, while the B-class car will arrive by the first half.

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“Given the premium and large-format positioning, the number may be limited in terms of intake. But again, it will always target a whole new segment that we don’t cover before,” the executive said of the upcoming electric SUV.

Gu clarified that neither model will be a sedan, although it’s unclear whether the two cars will follow the SUV form factor. Xpeng currently sells four electric cars in China – the high-end P7 and mid-range P5 sedans – as well as the flagship Xpeng G9 SUV accompanied by the mid-size G3 SUV.

The Xpeng G9 electric SUV

BYD prepares the commercial launch of its electric vehicles in India

Chinese automaker BYD is already selling the e6 EV in India, but only for commercial buyers. But the company’s first widely available electric vehicle in the country might not be far off, at first glance. A recent report claimed that the automaker is preparing to launch the Atto 3 SUV in the region soon. BYD will import key components in the early years and look to move to localized production and assembly in the future. The company would showcase its technologies and likely some of its EVs at Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida.

Source: CNBC