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*Content creator Shraddha Pawar goes entrepreneur with Bee Good Meals*

Influencing people just by being yourself and following your passion has been beautifully described by renowned content creator Shraddha Pawar. Started her journey as an architect, she followed her dream of photography and turned to creating conscious and aesthetic content. Now, taking her higher grade, Shraddha has become an entrepreneur. She started her business called “Bee Good Meals”, providing nutritious food to people according to their dietary needs. Shraddha has partnered with Oakraft Hospitality for this venture.

One of a kind, Shraddha wants to help people in a way by helping them get good nutrition and their daily tasks of moving meals. She says, “I’ve always wanted to help people through my zeal for the food industry. Be Good Meals is a healthy alternative to everyday food, bringing a new wave of good culture. We have a la carte menu, calorie counted meal plans, healthy bakery and healthy snacks too.

“As a content creator, I have a lot of love and appreciation from people, I am filled with gratitude. I urge everyone to support me in this new adventure as well,” Pawar concludes.

Presenting himself as an inspiration to women, Shraddha has proven his determination and hardworking nature…

Well, we wish him lots of luck and success.