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Southwark, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — London-based niche website publisher, contentplans.comspecializes in buying old and struggling websites and their precise rebranding and optimization expertise to create new reader-targeted content websites.

Drawing on the experience of Internet Marketing (PPC) agencies in London, Content Plans ensures a simple six-point approach, including SEO maximization with keywords, competitor analysis and specific online marketing, for increase website traffic and growth.

From start-ups to SMB (small and medium-sized business) websites, content plans give you the do’s and don’ts of how to create useful content for today’s audience.

Rebuild and renovate

Not all websites stand the test of time.

Content packages focus on websites that are old and authoritative, but have lost relevance in today’s growing online market.

Their process is focused, yet simple.

First, content plans buy the old website, fix the technical issues, then use their marketing knowledge, rename or modernize the website design to better suit what’s trending or popular.

This method ensures that a website is not only rebuilt and renovated to best optimize the content, but also aims to increase organic search traffic to attract readers to your website.

Six point approach

Content Plan uses its effective six-point strategy to ensure increased website growth:

  • Acquire – buy authoritative websites or domains
  • Carry out – use niche research and competitor analysis to create a content strategy
  • To fix – create solutions for all current technical issues and update the site design
  • Audit – review current content and publish useful new articles
  • Monetize – use affiliate links and display advertisements to generate revenue
  • Scale – increase traffic to sell or retain recurring revenue

With this in-depth approach, content plans breathe new life into websites and identify content that’s perfect for your target audience.

Then it’s up to you to either “flip the site” (sell the website) or benefit from the new revenue.

Targeted content

Growing organic search traffic is key to ensuring your website doesn’t get lost on page 4 of Google.

There is the common mistake of relying on high competition keywords to drive traffic to your website.

While this can drive numbers, it also attracts audiences who may not be interested in your product or business.

Content Plans uses targeted research to generate relevant keywords for your website, as well as maximize topical relevance with well-written blog posts and articles.

This not only ensures that your customers know exactly what your website represents or sells, but they also know exactly where to find you.

Fully Optimized

No two websites, products or businesses are the same and each needs a personalized approach to make sure they stand out from their competition.

Content Plans’ use of competitor analysis, coupled with how they optimize content, is designed to give your website an edge over the endless list of similar sites that appear online.

This is achieved through marketing strategies that highlight your content, while also considering your website’s place in Google rankings through the use of custom keywords.

With this approach, content plans create the highest quality content possible to increase your online traffic and appeal to your specific audience.

More information

There’s also a helpful questions and answers section on the content plans website to help you understand common questions about content marketing plans.

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