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Coulter’s criticism of voter fraud erased by far-right site

On Wednesday, Ann Coulter posted a blog post denouncing Dinesh D’Souza’s voter fraud film, 2,000 slippers, which Coulter called a “dumb movie” while debunking its conspiratorial premise that “the Democrats cheated”. Curiously, the message was published on the conservative website, City hall, whose parent company Salem Media Group financed D’Souza’s film. Apparently no one understood this connection until the next day, when Coulter’s post bashing 2,000 slippers has been quietly removed. The post URL now contains a 404 “Page Not Found” error.

Whereas City hall declined to provide comment to The daily beastwho first reported the deleted post, a Salem Media Group employee wasn’t so shy:

When reached by phone on Friday afternoon, a woman from Salem Media’s executive office who only identified herself as “Tracy” sarcastically said of the removal of The Daily Beast of the Coulter column: “Oh , really. That’s interesting. We’ve been removed from many Google sites because they don’t agree with us being a religious organization. Is that… illegal too?

The film has been a hot topic in conservative circles for several months now, but recently made headlines after making an appearance at the January 6 hearings. During his video deposition, former Attorney General Bill Barr is seen laughing at the film’s premise that cellphone data somehow proves voter fraud. Bill called the data “singularly unimpressive” and D’Souza’s mule theory “indefensible”.

Barr’s comment earned him the ire of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who outright threatened the former attorney general on his podcast this week. “Bill Barr, we’re coming for you, buddy!” said Banon. “You’re sitting there lying about it. If you had any decency… you would have reached out to Dinesh D’Souza before smearing him.

(via The Daily Beast)