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Create your own challenging Blue Fire levels with Void Maker DLC, available November 1

We heard you loud and clear. You wanted more Blue Fire Void platforming levels, but instead gave up only new levels, we also provide you with a level editor to create your own voids! Let your imagination run wild as you design challenging, epic or silly levels with Void Maker DLC.

Unleash your creativity!

Have you ever jumped into the voids and wondered what it would be like if there were giant donuts, eyeballs and dragons? Or maybe it was just us. The good news is all of this and plenty of other silly items are available in Void Maker for you to enjoy.

As we developed Void Maker, we realized the tool had so much potential beyond creating levels that looked like the Voids in the main game. We ended up adding more content than we originally planned to include, like NPCs, enemies, themes, playlists, and more. We feel that all this makes it possible to create levels where everything is possible!

Familiarize yourself with your tools

Void Maker has a lot of goodies from the main game, including NPCs, Void Models, and more, but it also has a ton of new items that were created exclusively for the level creator themselves (models, music, mechanics and lots of other crazy stuff!).

It may seem overwhelming, but we developed Void Maker as a simplified level creation tool so that you can focus on creating fun and interesting levels rather than having to learn complex software and add new content into the game.

Tips for creating fun levels

There are many ways to start designing, the most obvious being either to test and experiment with random things or to have something specific that you want to create. Either way, that’s perfectly fine. Since we know a thing or two about creating voids, we’re sharing some tips to help you create amazing voids.

  • Determine the type of level you want to create. Do you want a simple platforming challenge, a puzzle-like adventure, or a story-based level with NPCs? Knowing a basic idea of ​​what you want the end product to be is a good start.
  • Look at the art options and think about what you want your Void to look like. This helps you understand which elements to use.
  • Think about how difficult you want the platform to be.

Not all of these factors need to be identified early on, and that’s both normal and acceptable! But the more defined they are, the better.

After or during the conceptual development of the level creation comes the execution. This is a slow, non-linear process that can vary from level to level, but overall it should look like:

  • Block bases with simple shapes and mechanisms
  • Iterate on that
  • Adding illustrations
  • Polishing
  • And finally quality tests

New voids to conquer

Void Maker includes a pack of 24 original Voids to master, created by fans and some members of Robi Studios! Due to limitations, you will not be able to share and download levels online.

Blue Fire: Void Maker DLC will be available for free on PS4 and PS5 on November 1.