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DAO Maker and Trust Wallet sign campaign partnership

DAO Maker informed the community about their launch partnership with Trust Wallet via an official blog post. As part of this collaboration, DAO Maker is a happy launch partner of the Trust Wallet Browser extension on Monday, November 21, 2022.

Attendees can be part of the launch event by participating in a launch campaign. They have a chance to receive a free NFT OAT. To receive the non-fungible token, they will only have to perform a few actions. Here is how participants can participate in the campaign to win OAT NFT:-

  • The first step is to download the Trust Wallet browser extension. Participants have the option to import their current mobile wallet into the extension.
  • Then log in to Galxe with the wallet and the Galxe steps will appear.
  • These steps must be followed in order to receive the OAT token in the Trust Wallet.

Airdrop is only available to those who successfully claim OAT tokens using the processes outlined above. Tokens will be airdropped to participants who have verified their Discord and Twitter accounts in their Galxe profile settings.

Several of best cryptocurrency wallets take inspiration from their upcoming launch events. A launch partnership is a big help, especially to ease the burden on the team so they can focus on creating the final product. Wallets are essential in the expanding world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to protect user funds from malicious attacks.

In addition to the free OAT NFT, the campaign partnership between Trust Wallet and DAO Maker will award $2,000 in $TWT to the top twenty participants. The objective is to complete the stages while maintaining the highest possible score.

The deadline for collecting scores is December 6, 2022, after which no further submissions will be accepted.

Entrants can enter the competition by following the steps below:-

  • Go to DOA Maker official website and log in your account. A new account can be created by new users.
  • Once the profile is configured, embed the Trust Wallet address in the profile and proceed to the next step.
  • Visit the community vote by clicking on Products where TokenResearch appears, which further leads to the option to vote. Click on Vote to complete the third step.
  • Confirm your participation in the TWT parachute drop by signing the message.
  • Keep visiting the search page every six hours to further increase the score.

Trust Wallet is one of the few wallets that allows users to earn interest on their crypto holdings. It is backed by over 70 blockchains and over 8 million digital assets. Other pieces of information can be gathered by reading a Trust Wallet Review. The main objective of Trust Wallet is to ensure the security of users in the ecosystem.

Using Trust Wallet, users can also play blockchain games, access the latest dApps, and accumulate non-fungible tokens.