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Data Privacy Day 2022: Apple executive shares iPhone maker’s data minimization efforts on its products and services

Data Privacy Day takes place on January 28 every year. DPD is celebrated around the world to raise people’s awareness of privacy practices and principles.

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Now, an Apple executive shared joins DPD to explain the tech giant’s efforts to keep its services secure and private.

Erik Neuenschwander, Apple’s current chief user privacy officer, decided to accept an interview with Rene Ritchie, a freelance Canadian blogger who covers reviews, technology and other topics.

Data Privacy Today: Apple’s Privacy Efforts

According to 9TO5MacIn his latest report, during the interview with Ritchie, Neuenschwander shared that one of Apple’s main goals is to ensure that its products are designed with excellent privacy features.

Data Privacy Day: Apple executive shares iPhone maker's data minimization efforts on its products and services

(Photo: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Erik Neuenschwander, chief user privacy officer for Apple, Inc. testifies during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee December 10, 2019 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The committee held a hearing on “Encryption and Lawful Access: Assessing the Benefits and Risks to Public Security and Privacy”.

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The Apple executive said the giant iPhone maker uses a three-step system, which includes data minimization, control and transparency, and security.

“In that regard, when we think of our customers, we believe that privacy is a basic human right. And how the only way you can realize that is by building it into everything we build,” said Erik. via Apple Insider.

On the other hand, Neuenschwander focused on explaining Apple’s so-called data minimization.

Apple’s Data Minimization Effort

Erik explained that data minimization is about preventing data collection from the start. He added that this activity ensures that the company collects only necessary details of a service or product used by its users.

The Apple official further explained that the iPhone maker makes sure of this through on-device intelligence and hardware improvements.

Other than that, he reiterated that Apple prioritizes data minimization when designing a feature or a new product to prevent upstream data collection.

If you want to watch Rene Ritchie’s exact interview with the Apple executive, you can click on the YouTube video below.

In addition, Apple iPhone models will soon accept credit card payments via NFC. Meanwhile, next-gen AirPods models might be able to identify users through advanced biometric features.

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