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DC deputy mayor steps down after alleged assault

DC Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Chris Geldart has resigned after being charged with assault and battery earlier this month.

Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) made the announcement in a unscheduled press conference Wednesday, where she applauded Geldart’s years-long tenure in DC government in multiple roles.

“I am saddened to say that I have accepted the resignation of Deputy Mayor Chris Geldart, but I am proud of the work we have done together over the past eight years, and I am immensely grateful to Chris for his service to the city. .,” Bowser said. “Chris has been a very competent and efficient civil servant.”

Geldart earlier this month was charged with assaulting a man outside a Gold’s Gym in Arlington, Va., police say.

Geldart allegedly grabbed the man by the throat during an argument after hitting the man’s car, and the deputy mayor was later furloughed.

His departure was first reported by NBC Washington.

Geldart also came under fire after a police summary of the incident said he lived in Falls Church, Va., a suburb of Washington.

DC law requires senior officials to become residents of the city. City records show Geldart is registered to vote in a 12th floor apartment in southeast DC

“We certainly wish Chris good luck – that said, we both agree that the focus should be on the big issues affecting DC,” Bowser said Wednesday, touting his involvement in the city’s response to the pandemic and to a blizzard in 2016.