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Demented Ibrox Fan Site wants a ten game ban… for Martin Compston.

It’s time for some more fun, folks, and there’s no better fun to be had than reading the whimsical rants from Sevco’s number one fan site for craziness. I’m referring, of course, to Ibrox Noise who recently decided to defend Kyle Lafferty by asking why others haven’t had the same punishment. They found two names in particular.

Leigh Griffiths… and actor Martin Compston.

Yes, they want the SFA to issue a ten-game ban on a non-footballer for something they (the website) allege he did in Vegas; pro-IRA chants. What he also denies, and which he made a press release at the time.

Leigh Griffiths was guilty of some silly and objectionable chanting before he became a Celtic player, and he actually received an SFA ban for this behavior. What these puppets seem not to understand. They don’t understand a lot about this site, but I really thought they knew the SFA didn’t have a mandate to ban people who don’t play the game.

“Ex-Rangers striker banned for 10 games, but what about the others?” asks the title of this tragicomedy piece, which was sent to me this weekend by someone commenting on an article. I am, as always, grateful to those who bring things like this to my attention, things I would have otherwise missed. It was too good not to mention it.

There is an unintended first moment of brilliance in this piece;

“Ibrox Noise has already received a video of longtime regular Keith Moore posing with an unsuspecting Chris Sutton, before barking ‘WATP’ at him. The former Celtic striker, knowing he was being filmed, walked away and that was it.

I laughed while reading that, and I still laugh while writing it. What was the telling of this story supposed to do? That their readers are as stupid as their writers? “Listen, guys, a video where I almost surprised Chris Sutton…”

You couldn’t make this up. It’s crazy.

It’s supposed to illustrate how stupid Lafferty is, I think, but they don’t present their case very well…

“We can’t defend it, but what we can do is ask ourselves why other cases of bigotry don’t have the same profile, especially when perpetrated by Celts or ancient Celts . Let’s not pretend that the greens and whites are angels, they are far from it, and there have been many examples of this – including Leigh Griffiths and his filmed chants, not to mention the pro-IRA chants of Martin Compston (who of course the denied intention).

No, Martin Compston has denied being involved in IRA chanting, period.

He did not deny “intent” whatever that means in the name of God.

He said he didn’t and this is confirmed by the footage of the incident. He clearly does not sing with the crowd.

Still, these muppets want him bundled up in their roll of dishonor…and that’s their big finish.

“Why don’t they get quite the same punishment, profile or media coverage? Lafferty has rightly paid the price for his moment of stupidity, and while all the ‘therapy’ he’s undergoing won’t change anything, it’s the price he pays for getting caught – being forced to do anti-cult work. symbolic in the name of not changing anything at all… Lafferty has rarely been guilty of a lot of stupidity – he’s a Ranger, he works hard and he’s done a lot of stupid things in his life. But rather than claiming his sentence is too big, it’s safer to ask why other examples got away with much less. Curious.”

It is curious to wonder why the SFA does not issue a ten-match ban to a non-footballer who has done nothing wrong? On Planet Ibrox Noise maybe… they really don’t play a full deck there, do they?