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Destiny 2 Hotfix Definitely Didn’t Add New Content, Says Bungie

Destiny 2 players are some of the most dedicated cryptologists on the internet. When Bungie releases a Destiny 2 patch, avid Guardians will eagerly scan every playable pixel in the game to see what’s new for the popular FPS game.

It’s not beyond Bungie to hide easter eggs in Destiny 2 – in fact, the Bungie team hides a variety of hidden quests and puzzle pieces in the space game, many of which require work. teams, like those in the revamped version of King’s Fall. raid.

However, with its latest Destiny 2 patch, Bungie adamantly wants players to know that it hasn’t in fact added any new game content.

Typically, Bungie releases patch notes that explain all of the changes to their signature MMO. However, in this case, the team wanted to make sure players weren’t chasing secret Easter eggs that don’t exist. So, the company used its patch notes as an opportunity to ensure precisely that.

The whole of the Destiny 2 Patch the notes on Bungie’s official blog read:


  • This is a test, please disregard it.
    • We are testing new technology for a different kind of fix.
    • There are no hidden quests or added/changed things.
  • Seriously, trust us.
    • If you want to go hunting, don’t hesitate.
    • Don’t come crying to us when you can’t find anything.

Bungie released the ratings after a brief maintenance period on October 11. Notably, the patch was released on the same day as the last story mission of the season, which is another reason why players may have wondered if the patch introduced hidden content.

However, with its patch notes, Bungie makes it clear that players should take its statement at face value. As a game company with a history of transparency within its community, Bungie may hide secrets in a patch update, but wouldn’t violate player trust by saying there’s no new content if the patch actually contained secret items.

If the team had simply tested their new tech without explanation, players would likely have complained that they didn’t know what the update entailed. Developers often deploy patches to fix exploits or mechanics that don’t work as intended, while actual content updates usually go through a more rigorous testing and development process. The patch notes provide a simple summary so players can quickly and easily understand what the developers have changed in the game environment.

Bungie’s strong statement caught the attention of the Destiny 2 community, who turned the explanation into a meme.

Like a joke, YouTuber KackisHD claimed to have discovered new content as a voice line attributed to the Warmind, which they later shared as a short video with an NSFW audio clip.

In a video where he calls the update “Sus Hotfix”, YouTuber Actecross reads the patch notes aloud before pausing, reactivating her Discord chat and confidently stating, “Yo, there must be a hidden quest.”

Longtime Destiny 2 broadcaster True avant-garde proclaimed he would be the first to discover the secret quest.

Bungie Community Manager dmg04 confirmed There was nothing new in the update in a tweet to journalist Paul Tassi, who frequently covers Destiny 2. The Bungie employee described the update as “Really just a test. It was a clean window to ship as we had no events going on,” adding, “Instead of not shipping anything, which looks even more suspicious, I decided to have a little fun with the notes of update.

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