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Device manufacturer Glorious PC game abandons its controversial name

Gaming PC accessories brand Glorious PC Gaming Race is ditching its controversial meme-inspired name, according to a recent announcement. In a blog postthe company reveals it will now be called “Glorious”, while an accompanying rebrand replaces its logo with a simplified silhouette.

the Glorious The brand was founded in 2014, and its original name is a spin on the popular “PC gaming master race” meme. The gag itself comes from an episode of The Escapist Zero Punctuation video review series, with journalist Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw using the phrase to poke fun at PC gamers’ elitist attitudes. Of course, the “primary race” is also a reference to Nazi ideology, which inherently added racial connotations to corporate branding.

Glorius says the brand has “matured” since its “community has spread to almost every country in the world and includes people from all walks of life.” The gaming keyboard and mouse maker also says its fancy name is more than just a meme, as it “represents the positivity the world so badly needs today.”

The Glorious PC Gaming Race Model I will be the last gaming mouse released under the old brand, while new products like the GMMK 2 will carry the new name and logo. The company also confirms that its URL will change in the coming weeks and existing products will be rebranded over the next “several years.”