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Don’t Ignore These 5 Content Marketing Trends

A recent study revealed that 97% of marketers said content marketing is critical to their strategy. Why? Probably because they see it paying off. Ninety-one percent of marketers said their content marketing efforts were successful in 2021.

The Forbes Content & Design Studio, Forbes’ in-house creative team, took a deep dive into the research, and looked at Forbes’ own proprietary studies, to find that most companies want to focus on improving content quality, SEO, and creating more video/visual content. Their primary goals are to increase brand awareness, traffic, and quality leads.

How can brands deliver? Forbes’ award-winning creative team, which was recently named “Digital Team of the Year” at Folio’s Eddie & Ozzie Award– has some insider tips to share.

1. Content audits take center stage.

Updating and repurposing existing content that reflects ongoing and evolving goals is a primary goal for many content marketers, something brands can do by performing a content marketing audit.

Forbes C&DS Recommendation: Revisit valuable content you’ve created in the past and consider presenting it in new formats or on different platforms. For example, turn blog posts into LinkedIn-enhanced graphics or showcase your data-driven insights in audio formats.

2. Align information with human-centric narratives.

Content marketers need to have a good understanding of their niche audience, which will allow them to produce original, human-first content that resonates with customers.

Forbes C&DS Recommendation: A Forbes survey found that the most valued attributes of business-related content among the C-Suite are:

  1. Technological information
  2. Reliable/independent sources
  3. Access to experts or peers
  4. Original research
  5. Industry specific approaches

To be even more specific about customer needs, brands can also use first-party data and audience insights to inform their brand content.

3. Search click-through rates become a key KPI.

SEO and content marketers should focus less on search rankings and more on click-through rates for their content.

Forbes C&DS Recommendation: For optimal click-through success, marketers should create memorable content by focusing on their areas of expertise and providing in-depth answers to their audience. Content should also include embedded images and videos that live on YouTube to increase engagement.

4. Short video is becoming more and more important.

Short videos allow content to reach busy consumers who typically don’t have time to watch longer content. They are also very shareable.

Forbes C&DS Recommendation: To incorporate short videos into their strategy, marketers can try FAQs, educational videos, customer challenges, company announcements, and customer (or employee) testimonials.

5. Cross-platform storytelling is still essential.

Tell the best story to your audience by reaching them on a variety of targeted channels.

Forbes C&DS Recommendation: Find out where your audience lives. For example, a Forbes survey of CxOs found that the top preferred sources of business-related content for C-suite leaders are:

  1. LinkedIn/social networks
  2. White Papers/Reports
  3. Newspapers/journals.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and personalization is key in content and content partnerships,” said Morgan O’Hare, associate director of content partnerships at Forbes. “Understanding customers and helping them understand their target audience will be key to standing out from other content marketers.”

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Storyteller Spotlight

Hot on the heels of the Forbes Sustainability Leaders Summit 2022

The global food system faced serious challenges and PepsiCo felt responsible to be part of the solution. They have partnered with Forbes in a high-impact, cross-platform campaign to engage senior executives, business decision makers and ESG experts working towards similar goals.

To capture the attention of its target audience, PepsiCo published a thought leadership piece with Ron Khan, its vice president of beverage packaging. The Executive Agenda highlighted PepsiCo’s sustainability journey and provided insight for business decision makers considering the same path. Khan highlighted Pulpex, the first fully recyclable paper bottle made from sustainably sourced pulp.

Through a targeted campaign supporting the article, PepsiCo reached its target audience in just one month and kept them engaged. Those who interacted with the content were 113 times more interested in green content (compared to the average internet user) and spent 33% more time reading PepsiCo content than average.

By working with the right platform, PepsiCo has been able to put its sustainability efforts center stage while inspiring other leaders to make a change.

See the case study: Innovative packaging solutions from PepsiCo

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