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Emmerdale fans baffled by location of Meena Jutla support group murder site

EMMERDALE fans are baffled by the bizarre location the villagers have chosen to house a support group for Meena Jutla survivors.

The group began reuniting this week at the HOP – much to the confusion of viewers.


Ben was murdered where the group of survivors meet1 credit

They know the HOP is where Meena tracked down and brutally murdered Ben Tucker.

He had found the video of her trying to drown Victoria Sugden but couldn’t figure out it was Meena.

In his stupidity, he asked her to watch it with him – and set the stage for his own death.

At first he escaped but she lured him out again, then beat him to death with a canoe paddle.

The site of the brutal murder is now where the group of survivors all meet to discuss what Meena did to them.

But viewers can’t figure out why they didn’t use another location.

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One wrote: “Leading the support group at the scene of the murders must be a joke.

A second said: ‘Isn’t holding a support group at the exact site where she actually killed someone a little inappropriate?

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Another added: ‘This support group is going to be a failure.

A fourth commented: ‘A support group isn’t the best idea Charles, especially when the group finds out you visited Meena’

A fifth added: ‘Good idea let’s do a support group at the spot where Meena killed one of her victims’