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Employees grill Twitter CEO over fears of mass exodus after Musk takeover

San Francisco: Amid fears of a mass exodus from Twitter, employees have asked its CEO Parag Agrawal about their uncertain future once Elon Musk takes over.

According to The Guardian, executives told the company they would “monitor staff attrition daily, but it was too early to say how the takeover deal with Musk would affect staff retention”.

At a town hall meeting on Friday, employees demanded answers from Agrawal on how the company planned to handle an “anticipated mass exodus prompted by Musk.”

“I’m tired of hearing about shareholder value and fiduciary duty. What do you honestly think about the very high likelihood that many employees will not have jobs after the deal is done,” a Twitter employee asked Agrawal.

Agrawal responded that he believes “the future Twitter organization will continue to care about its impact on the world and its customers.”

Tesla CEO Musk has reportedly named a new CEO to succeed Agrawal.

The name of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who resigned in November last year to focus on his financial payments company Block, is making the rounds as the next CEO.

Musk, who made a successful bid to acquire Twitter for $44 billion, won’t make a decision on the job cuts until he takes ownership of the microblogging platform.

Agrawal had previously told employees that there would be “no layoffs at this time”.

However, according to reports, one area where Musk could make job cuts is in the company’s political department.

Musk’s annoyance was reflected in his criticism of Twitter policy chief Vijaya Gadde earlier this week over the censorship of exclusive stories related to US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop at the aftermath of the Capitol Hill violence.