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Explained: What is, the emerging and easy-to-use Twitter alternative

Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk has caused disruption in the online space. His handling of the microblogging platform has stung some users, prompting them to seek alternatives. Mastodon, which is a decentralized, open source and distributed social network, emerged as an early alternative. However, its difficult to use interface left people confused, leaving room for others to emerge. One such emerging platform is, created by former Waze CEO and former Google employee Noam Bardin.

“Remember when social media was fun, introduced you to great ideas and cool people, and actually made you smarter? Remember when it didn’t waste your time and made you angry or sad? When you could disagree with someone without being threatened or insulted.”We want to bring that back with Post,” Bardin wrote in an introductory blog post he published on platform promises “real people, real news, civil conversations”.

“The Post will be a civil place to debate ideas; learn from experts, journalists, individual creators and each other; converse freely; and have fun,” Bardin wrote.

Like Twitter, users can post, comment, like, share and repost content with their opinion on However, there is no word limit on messages. Another differentiator for the is that it allows users to tip creators through in-app micro-payments. Additionally, the platform allows users to purchase individual articles from different news providers so they can access multiple perspectives, not just the ones they subscribe to. Also, offers users to read content from various sources without going through different websites.

For content moderation, there are rules in place that the platform plans to rigorously enforce with the help of its community.

The is currently accepting applications. On Wednesday morning, there is a long waiting list of 180,000 people, of which 20,000 are invited by other users. There are currently 16,000 active users on Post, Bardin said in a post he tweeted on Twitter.

In the same post, Bardin wrote that users should carefully select their account credentials when signing up, as they won’t be able to change it for a while because the platform is understaffed. Furthermore, he said that users should practice self-help by checking the FAQ section, if they encounter any problem, as it will take several days to resolve the issue raised by the emails.

“Early adopters set the tone, so we prioritize people based on when they signed up, what they shared about themselves, content creators and content consumers, age, gender, etc. to make the platform as diverse as possible within our rules,” Bardin tweeted.

How to join the waiting list

Anyone interested in joining Post can do so at Click on the registration options or “Join the waitlist”, complete the form and submit it to join the waitlist. promises early access to those who use a unique referral link provided at signup to entice five or more people to sign up for the platform.