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Farming Simulator 22 content update adding 16 new machines to the game and more

Developer Giants Software is releasing a free content update for Farming Simulator 22, which includes a variety of new tools and equipment.

Farming Simulator 22 content update 16 machines

The latest iteration in Giants Software’s long lifespan Agriculture simulator The series, which first appeared in 2008, launched on November 22, 2021. The game has arguably performed better than many of the franchise’s previous 15 games, released on all major platforms and achieving critical ratings in the mid-1970s on average. The game proved to be so popular that just a week after its release, Farming Simulator 22 had more players on Steam than Battlefield 2042.

While some players may wonder if pretending to be a farmer can be fun, the Agriculture simulator series has sold over 25 million copies combined. It should be noted that games like Valley of stars and Animal crossing also present aspects of agriculture. But while many agricultural simulators are wrong, the Agriculture simulator series takes the imitation of the profession to a whole new level. Players must maintain and improve their equipment, harvest and sell their crops, and raise livestock in regions of the United States and Europe.


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Less than a month after the launch of Farming Simulator 22, Patch 1.2 has been released, a free content update that offers a plethora of new equipment and machines as well as three new brands, US manufacturer ABI Attachments, Danish Kongskilde Industries and Dutch company Vervaet. In total, there will be 16 new machines, ranging from tractors and water trailers to rotary snow plows, and all of these machines and tools are based on real equipment used by farmers in the real world.

In addition to the new tools introduced in Farming Simulator 22 with patch 1.2, Giants Software has added a number of improvements to improve the farming experience for players. These include new buildings like a mobile home and an old barn, as well as a revamped Field Information UI so players can more easily understand the potential for returns and how best to eliminate bad ones. herbs. Prices have been adjusted for repairs and the sale of used vehicles, and hiring AI workers will now cost less. There have also been a number of bugfixes and tweaks to make the game Agriculture simulator more enjoyable while keeping the task of farming as realistic as possible.

In reality, Agriculture simulator can be so detailed and in-depth that the official game site even has a Farming Simulator Academy where newbies can learn how to tend their fields, sow and harvest a range of crops, operate machinery, tend livestock and even forestry. Once players have mastered the basics and consider themselves more experienced in their craft, they can join the Farming Simulator League tournament, which adds a new 3v3 competitive game mode to Agriculture simulator.

Agriculture simulator is available on Mobile PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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