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Firefox Focus on Android now offers cross-site tracking prevention

Mozilla updated its privacy-focused Firefox Focus web browser to Android with added protection against cross-site tracking. According to his official blog post, the company has integrated the full cookie protection feature of its desktop browser into the app, which stores cookies separately for this purpose.

For the uninitiated, the feature stores cookies from every website you visit in isolated locations, which Mozilla aptly calls “cookie jars.” The purpose of this is to prevent these websites, including Facebook and Google, from tracking your web surfing behavior. These include off-site interactions such as visiting a brand’s website, finding certain products or topics, etc. – essentially any information that can be used for advertising targeting and other purposes.

Photo: Mozilla

In addition, Mozilla also noted that it has added SmartBlock and other fixes to Firefox Focus in order to ensure proper functioning of web browsing on the app. This particular feature provides replacements for commonly blocked trackers – something that will often cause some websites to break if missing, especially when blocked by Total Cookie Protection and other life protection measures. private.

Mozilla Firefox Focus Cross-Site Tracking Prevention Feature Android Application
Photo: Mozilla

The Firefox Focus web browser app is available on Android and iOS devices. However, as mentioned earlier, Mozilla revealed that this new cross-site tracking prevention feature is only available for the premiere, while its availability on the latest platform has yet to be confirmed.

(Source: Mozilla [official blog])