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FlipBuilder’s Free Yearbook Creator Keeps School Memories Alive

Yearbooks are invaluable for keeping memories of school life. FlipBuilder’s free directory builder allows you to create more convenient versions of directories.

Years in school are among the best for many people. Aside from what they learned, fond memories of extracurricular activities, friends, and many getaways occupy their minds for years to come. Directories often help keep these memories alive. The traditional directory, however, can be considered obsolete, as are many print publications. A free directory creator is a great way to preserve school memories in a more convenient way. FlipBuilder’s free directory builder comes with everything you need to build a stellar directory.

While it is true that many people have enjoyed flipping through the physical pages of a directory, a digital directory can save money and the environment. There is no need for ink or paper and printing costs are zero. The best part is that with FlipBuilder’s free directory builder, readers can still have the experience of flipping through the directory with its interactive page flipping technology.

One of the best parts of a yearbook is the pictures with each person’s quotes. Imagine if these quotes could come to life! With a free directory builder, they can. Digital directories created with FlipBuilder are not limited to text and images. They can include photo galleries – a slideshow of images displayed in a pop-up window or in phonebook, audio, and video pages. With the increase in the number of videos on cellphones and YouTube, there are many more memories that can be included in the directory.

A digital directory is much more accessible than a printed directory. For people who are no longer near their school, they don’t have to worry about getting a copy of their directory. The free directory builder makes it easy to share the directory via email and social media. Flipbuilder also allows the directory to be uploaded to its server with its cloud publishing service. with the library function, a school can display yearbooks from several years in a stylish digital library. The directory can also be uploaded to websites and blogs without FTP or other uploading tools.

Readers can view their directory on any device, anywhere, anytime. The free directory creator supports HTML5 technology, which makes the directory compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS mobile devices.

“A free directory builder is just one of the many uses for FlipBuilder software,” says Alice Lee, Marketing at FlipBuilder.

Learn more about the free directory maker at Flipbuilder.

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