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Fortnite maker Epic Games and Lego are teaming up to create a metaverse for kids

Another major alliance has been announced for a new metaverse, this time for kids. Epic Games, creator of the popular battle royale game Fortnite, has teamed up with the Lego Group to create “an immersive, creative and engaging digital experience” for children. With this, the companies aim to create a safe space for children of all ages to hone their creative skills and provide opportunities for play.

The long-term partnership was announced in a recent Epic Games blog post. As mentioned by the company, the new platform, which will be built in partnership with The Lego Group, will enable a family digital experience based on three fundamental principles. These principles focus on creating a safe and engaging digital space for children.

Epic mentions that the first of these aims to protect children’s “right to play” by prioritizing safety on the platform. Apart from that, Epic and Lego will also focus on protecting children’s privacy and providing them and their guardians with the right tools to control their digital experience.

Epic is highlighting its expertise in building “creative tools and immersive worlds” as the backbone of this new metaverse. We’ve seen it with Fortnite and other games so far, which have open access for players around the world. Apart from that, Epic mentions its acquisition of SuperAwesome in 2020, which is again aimed at creating online experiences for children under 16.

The Lego group, on the other hand, needs no introduction to children and their parents. Lego bricks are a must-have toy for several generations of children now, which still remains its core business. The company is also known for several of its child-friendly initiatives, including developing a standard child digital safety policy with UNICEF.

The expertise behind the idea is obvious. The big question then is what children can benefit from such a metaverse. Niels B Christiansen, CEO of The LEGO Group, believes there is “tremendous potential” for children to develop lifelong skills like creativity, collaboration and communication through such digital experiences. Companies will then focus on enabling the same in a safe environment through the new metaverse.

The companies have yet to share details about the idea. We don’t have any clues on its launch schedule either. As the Metaverse launches, it is sure to mark a milestone in the development of the Metaverse and its applications.