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Founder linked to suicide cult by DailyCoin

Milady Maker NFT Crashes: Founder Linked to Suicide Cult

Over the past few days, the popular “Milady Maker” NFT avatar collection has lost the majority of its value after its founder, Charlotte Fang, admitted she was the personality behind a Twitter account (NYSE:) endorsing the Nazi content and extreme hate speech.

Although Fang later announced that she would be retiring from the NFT project, the anime-inspired collection has lost 75% of its price since Friday and is trading at around 0.344 ETH or $675 on the OpenSea market at the time of release. writing.

Nazi associations

Last year, the first NFTs in the Milady Maker collection were revealed as the creation of online collective “Remilia”.

Each of NFT was an avatar wearing 2000s Tokyo street fashion and came in different rarities. The highest level, called the “SS”, has raised discussion of similarities to Hitler’s guard and the Nazi Third Reich. This seemed to be more than a coincidence, as some of the rarest avatars even wore T-shirts that included the word “Treblinka”, the name of Hitler’s Nazi-built concentration camp in occupied Poland during the Second World War. World War.

Despite this, the aesthetic collection has attracted the attention of high profile investors. One of the avatars sold for $45,000, and the collection as a whole reached a record average price of $6.3,000 in April.

Links to a suicide cult

Eventually, it emerged that the self-proclaimed leader and CEO of Remilia was Charlotte “Charlie” Fang, who had been active on social media for some time and caught the attention of DeFillama analyst “0xngmi” due to her worrying extreme right. and worship-related messages.

The personal investigation led 0xngmi to discover that Charlie had been hiding behind the “Miya” Twitter account, which shared extremely racist content. The account was used to openly encourage the murder of Jews and the removal of black voting rights. He also alleged the disturbing views that homosexuality was a disease and that women needed to be “tamed”.

Somehow that wasn’t the end, as darker revelations emerged as multiple sources reported Miya’s ties to ‘SystemSpace’, an obscure suicide cult that claims the reality is an artificial simulation and urges people to commit suicide to obtain the afterlife – which they have described as a cyberpunk paradise.

Born in 2017 as an online 4chan community, the movement has been called an attempt to “troll people into suicide”. Reality has shown that the cult was no joke, as a 17-year-old Canadian follower sadly committed suicide in 2017.

Child grooming

Apparently, it’s not just Miya, but also other members of the Remilia Collective who have racist views and ties to SystemSpace, says 0xngmi.

According to him, Remilia members followed several anorexic teenage girls on Twitter to further prepare them for eating disorders and self-harm.

Charlotte Fang and the Remilia team denied the connections and tried to hide the links between them through a network of anonymous accounts. However, they finally surrendered and admitted the truth on Saturday, May 21.

“OK, full disclosure: I was Miya,” Charlotte Fang wrote, admitting that her “toxic baggage” was hurting Milady Maker’s NFT community and she would be leaving the team.

She further stated that the Milady Maker NFT Collection remains under the direction of YOJIMBO KING and Creative Director Milady Sonoro, who designed the controversial 10,000 NFT avatars and are the owners of the Milady Maker account on OpenSea.

As of this writing, 3,000 owners hold Milady Maker NFTs. Dozens of sell offers appear every hour, but only a few individual deals have closed. The average floor price for the collection is 0.27 ETH ($530) at the time of writing, and the total volume traded today is $8.1,000.

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