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Funds from the presentation of a kayak photographer to support Ukraine

Stunning wildlife images from the ‘Lone Kayaker’ and help for Ukraine were the talk of the day at the Coads Green WI March meeting.

Retired veterinarian, open water kayaker and wildlife photographer Rupert Kirkwood made a much-appreciated return and third visit to a Coads Green WI open meeting.

The presentation, titled “All at Sea and up the Creek,” summarizes some of Rupert’s favorite encounters with marine mammals, fish, wildlife and birds, as he kayaked around the coast and along the rivers of South West England, the leats of Dartmoor and beyond.

He shared some rare sightings through stunning photographs and videos of, among other creatures, a great crested grebe devouring a pike, a sunfish, basking sharks, a bluefin tuna, spotted off the coast of the Dodman, and two juvenile ospreys. , who spent two weeks on the Fowey River, before heading to West Africa.

Rupert’s quest for the past few years has been to find and photograph whales from his kayak. This was realized when he spotted minke whales near Fowey, but was later superseded when he was able to film footage of a humpback whale breaching and feeding in Mounts Bay, a real moment strong in the evening.

Speaker fees and additional contributions contributed £100 to the Ukrainian Disaster Fund.

The photographic images are saved on Rupert’s blog “The Lone Kayaker”.

Pat Mallett gave a vote of thanks, concluding that this had been an outstanding illustrated lecture.

Gerry Rennie and Linda Willan served refreshments.

On the business side of the meeting, Chair, Daphne Tucker, drew members’ attention to the new program and that despite the loss of three local groups over the past two years, the remaining WIs would still have a strong presence. at the Launceston Show on July 28.

Alison Gribble sets up a walking group on the last Wednesday of every month and there will be a members luncheon at Rilla Mill Mansion on Thursday 21st April.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m. when guest speaker Dale Wood will speak on the topic of bees. New members and visitors are welcome.

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