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Getting creative as a global content marketing strategist at Amazon | Business School

Esther Elkouss had too many plans to agree to be the baby of her family. “I wanted to be the oldest,” she says, “and I acted like I was.” At age 10, she started a family diary, charming and cajoling distant relatives from Israel, Argentina, Barcelona, ​​the United States and other places to contribute to her publication with photos, reports and stories. exciting news. Raised near Valencia in Spain, she graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid, with a degree in journalism, then at the University of Paris for a master’s degree in communication and culture.

New York was the next stop. “Of course,” she said. After intense research (Esther doesn’t know anyone else) and many interviews (idem) with everyone “from the receptionist to the dean”, she decided to attend the Touro College Graduate School of Business. At that time, his passion was marketing and his speed was dizzying. “I’ve always been very innovative and looked for ways to make things better,” says Esther, now 32 and a 2017 graduate. . At Touro, these qualities were encouraged and valued.

As a student, she created and implemented strong alumni engagement, got top companies to join Touro’s annual job fairs and (much) more. She received the Dean’s Excellence Scholarship.

What she learned in Touro proved invaluable in the real world. Today, Esther is the Global Content Marketing Strategist for Amazon Pay. In this role, she leads global editorial planning and execution on the blog, website, and social media for Amazon Pay, which offers customers secure payment across tens of thousands of locations.

She credits Touro with the impressive career she has today, including courses she took in social media and international marketing. The school also offered high-level internships, like the one she got at one of the world’s top 500 e-commerce companies, where Esther learned the ins and outs of e-commerce marketing. The internship, she says, gave her the experience and knowledge that made her a winning candidate for Amazon.

Most important for Esther was perhaps the diversity of the other students she discovered at Touro: “I had the opportunity to work on many concrete projects with international students from different backgrounds and experiences, which also helped prepare me to work for a global company.”