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Google adds site names to mobile search results

People use Google to search for just about anything, so we can always use a simpler experience. Luckily, that’s what the company just gave us, according to a new blog post. Google will soon display site names next to its search results.

This feature is coming to the mobile version of Google Search. It’s currently rolling out, so you might not see it right away. Depending on your region, you might want to wait a few days for it to reach your device.

Google search site names make it easy to find the sites you want

When you search for something on Google, you get results from different websites. You will see the link associated with these results and the site logo. However, this information is usually microscopic.

This is where site names help you navigate your Google search results. When you search for an item, you will see the site name appear just above the website link. It will have a large font size and be rather bold compared to the other text. This gives you more information at a glance than the link. You will also see the site logo displayed prominently next to the site name.

It’s not a major update, but it does make it much easier to see what website you’re going to. Most searches give you a ton of websites to sift through, and it can be a bit overwhelming.

This feature also helps solve another problem. When browsing search results, sometimes you see different search results on the same website. It can be frustrating to see a search result from a website you don’t want to go to. It’s even more frustrating to go to a different page on the same website.

With site names, you’ll easily know if you’re seeing more than one search result for the same website by looking at the site name and logo. This feature is being rolled out for the Google Search mobile app, but the company is working to bring this feature to the desktop version as well.