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Google says using the Indexing API for other types of content won’t hurt or help

As you know, Google has a Indexing API to speed up the indexing of two types of content. It’s only designed to work for job postings and live content – that’s it. Google’s John Mueller was asked if it could hurt if you try to use it for other types of content outside of job postings and live content and he said no.

While it won’t hurt to try using the API for other types of content, it won’t help either, John said. It won’t help because Google will ignore it and it just doesn’t fit in the places where Google might show it.

Both of these specific cases come with specific structured data that only applies to job postings and live stream content. Using the job posting scheme for news articles is wrong and will not work. If you do so in a way that attempts to manipulate search results, you may get a rich snippet penalty and not be eligible to display rich results.

Of course, submitting content to the Google Indexing API won’t do anything in this case anyway. So why do it?

You can see how John reacts to the question, like – why are you doing this?

Here is the video where he said that to the mark 7:02:

Here is the transcript:

Question: Is there any way we can try this API [Google Indexing API] for different types of content like news articles or do you know the content of a blog?

Answer: I mean, people try it, but it’s basically like what we’ve documented that we use the API. So if you don’t have content that falls into these categories, the API really won’t help you.

Question: I just want to understand if we try, will it have a negative impact in any way?

Answer: No. No, but I mean if you don’t have any job offers, there is nothing to do with this API.

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