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Great British Sewing Bee 2022 competitors include dog outfit maker

The Great British Sewing Bee is officially back, and this year’s knitathon of competitors involves a sausage dog clothing maker and a Canadian tribesman, to name just two among the show’s competitors. the BBC.

BBC one will see new host Sara Pascoe and returning judges Esme Young and Patrick Grant on our screens from April 27, before season 8 challenges eight designers to show off their clothing-making skills.

This year, Man Yee, Annie, Cristian, Brogan, Mitch, Marni, Steve, Debra, Richy, Gill, Chichi, and Angela enter the building. So, who are the talented seamstresses and what do they do for a living?

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The Great British Sewing Bee | Trailer | BBC

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The Great British Sewing Bee | Trailer | BBC





Man yeah

Originally from Hong Kong, Man Yee is a houseplant collector who moved to Portsmouth as a child. When the sewer and her friends wanted to dress up as Japanese anime characters for Comic Con, she asked her aunt to teach her.

Day after day, Man Yee works as an actuary in London, where she lives with her boyfriend.


Annie, who lives in Surrey with her boyfriend, credits her grandmother with inspiring her to start sewing. She currently works as a buyer for a ready-to-wear brand – and loves adding color to her look!


Cristian grew up near Transylvania as one of six children and learned to sew by watching his mother make her own clothes. He moved to the UK four years ago and is now a department store manager in London.

Interested in cycling, sewing and indoor plants, he recently made his own beanie! It all started when her parents gave her a sewing machine when she was 18.


Brogan is originally from Edinburgh but now teaches Spanish and French at a secondary school in Derbyshire. She took up sewing after watching series 1 of sewing bee as a child, and loves making clothes for her sausage dog, Roger.

The 26-year-old from Leicestershire enjoys making clothes from high street clothes, from ruffles to ruffles!

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Mitch Bridgewater is father to two sons George and Freddie, husband to Lisa, and pet owner to Frankie and her cat Thomas. He taught himself to sew by reading books and studying online videos, and has a passion for colorful fabrics.

He runs a university theater in Cumbria, working behind the scenes and directing when he gets the chance.


Marni is a veterinarian by day and a passionate seamstress by night. Also passionate about the art of beadwork, she was born in Canada and is a member of the Canadian First Nations of the Maliseet tribe.

She has been sewing for 35 years, which has seen Marni adopt a signature style using unique embellishments such as discarded feathers combined with upcycled clothing and finds from charity shops.


Steve is a qualified race coach and describes himself as a backflip tester. “Steve The Run Coach” began his career when he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis.

He started sewing as a quarantine hobby and now sews at least two hours a day. Growing up in Essex, he moved to Newcastle with his 16-year-old girlfriend after giving up his office job.


Debra started sewing at the age of nine and is inspired by luxury designers like Erdem, Gucci and Chanel. She works for a multinational and likes to adorn herself with her colorful creations inspired by designers.

The 50-year-old is particularly passionate about fashion and describes herself as “obsessed with couture”.


Richy is a Shropshire dressmaker obsessed with Regency fashion. The 18th and 19th century seamstress usually reads books or goes to a museum to do research. His trademark is a homemade bow tie, of which he has over 50!

In his professional life, he is a professional baker in an independent café where he has worked with his partner for 15 years.


Gill first tried sewing when her husband bought her a machine three years ago and fell in love with the art. She taught herself to sew and works as a public health intelligence analyst, insisting her love for numbers helps her sew.

She is one of two contestants this year to make clothes for her dog, alongside Brogan. Gill often designs clothes for her family, including her doggy Maureen!


Chichi is originally from Zimbabwe and grew up in Somerset and Hampshire, before moving to London. She likes to create creations from recycled fabrics and transform vintage clothes – but her main passion is animal prints!


Angela, from Lancashire, has 50 years of experience in sewing and has won an award for her work as a school nurse during the pandemic. She is an NHS medical visitor and school nurse, but in her spare time she enjoys walking and sewing.

She is a grandmother of four, as seen on Instagram. She regularly takes care of watering her plants in the garden, with the help of her family.



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