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Grimes allegedly blackmailed the Hipster Runoff blog in 2012 after an unfavorable post

As of 2012, the infamous and controversial entertainment website Hipster Runoff is no longer on the internet. In 2015, the website was sold for $21,100, but Hipster Runoff followers were curious about the sudden demise, including founder and operator Carles himself. It wasn’t until a decade later that famed Canadian singer and songwriter Grimes announced that she was responsible for shutting down Hipster Runoff.

In an interview with vanity lounge, Grimes explains that the reason she shut down the site was the Hipster Runoff photo of Grimes kissing her friend at a party. Grimes said, “I was just at a party with my friends. Someone took this photo and it was leaked to this website called Hipster Runoff”. Grimes mentioned that this was when she was starting her career, so her friend who works with video games was able to find a way to DDoS Hipster Runoff.

According to Pitchfork, DDoS is a cyberattack by “flooding a website with more information and traffic than it can handle, thus preventing it from accessing the Internet and functioning, i.e. by deleting a website”. Pitchfork goes on to mention that the reason behind using DDoS is if a website contains information that the attacker does not want to remain visible. DDoS is illegal and can result in a prison sentence of around ten years.

In other news, the entertainer recently announced his second child with SpaceX and Tesla Creator Elon Musk. Grimes said that while she doesn’t expect others to understand the relationship, she still likes Elon Musk very closely.

Photo credit: Owen Ela