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Halo Infinite Dev Promises Shorter Seasons, Regular Content, and “Bigger Things” in 2023

Halo Infinite’s launch didn’t exactly go to plan, but developer 343 Industries is promising improvements over time in terms of content release cadence, and that’s starting with the game’s biggest update ever. done, the winter update, which is now available.

In a blog post343 thanked fans for their support over the year since the game’s release, admitting the studio knows the launch “definitely wasn’t the smoothest or the fastest.”

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“The Winter Update marks a major step forward for our game and our studio, but it’s only the first step in that evolution,” the team said. “The team is actively working on key player experience priorities across the game to address areas of feedback, and we are aiming for another game update before the end of this year.”

In 2023, Halo Infinite will receive another update, Season 3: Echoes Within, in March. And in general, fans can expect “shorter seasons, a smoother flow of content, and bigger things to come,” the studio said.

Before that, 343 said it was intentionally slow future Halo Infinite updates so that he can focus on laying the foundations for future growth. Recently, Xbox boss Matt Booty said the launch of Halo Infinite was similar to a runner tripping and falling at the finish line.

As for what the “bigger things to come” could be, it’s believed that Certain Affinity is reportedly creating an ambitious new mode for Halo Infinite.

The Halo Infinite Winter update adds a number of features and content, including Forge mode in beta, match-based XP, a new battle pass, more multiplayer maps, and campaign network co-op. There are also 24 new achievements in Halo Infinite delivered via the Winter Update.

What Halo Infinite won’t get, however, is a local split-screen co-op campaign. 343 couch co-op canceled so he could focus on building Halo Infinite’s live-service features.

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