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Halo Infinite’s Halo TV Series Crossover Content Revealed

Infinite Halo finally welcomes cross-content from Halo TV series currently airing on Paramount+, developer 343 Industries announced this week. Scheduled to be available today May 10, the new Halo game will receive different customizations such as multiple emblems and weapon charms to further customize player loadouts. A total of six different items will be given out, and whether you’ve watched the TV series or not, you don’t have to do anything other than just log into the game to receive them.

New Infinite Halo equipment of the Halo The TV series was featured on the latest Silver Debrief blog post in the Halo Waypoint. These articles, for those who don’t know, summarize the latest episodes of the Halo TV series to keep people up to date with what’s going on in the series in case they have questions about how certain things work in the larger Halo universe. This time, however, 343 included the special crossover equipment announcement.

“Fans of the Halo TV series can expect to portray their love with upcoming tie-in content Infinite Halo on May 10 (that’s tomorrow!) in the form of various weapon charms and emblems,” 343 Industries community writer Alex Wakeford said in the Halo Waypoint Post shared Monday.

The six free items include the Together We Rise Emblem, Sword of Mercy Emblem, Artifact Emblem (AKA Keystone), Artifact Weapon Charm (AKA Keystone), Silver Team Weapon Charm, and Silver Team emblem. You can see each of those featured in the image below.

Microsoft recently announced its own internal crossover with Infinite Haloso this one with the Halo The series is only the latest to come to the game, but it’s the one people have been looking forward to since it was confirmed that crossover content between Halo projects will be in the works.

These crossings also occur after the launch of The second season of Halo Infinite content, a launch that the developers say has been “bumpy” so far. Paramount has also renewed Halo already for a second season, although this show is still in its first.